Not easy for the tennis coaches

It is not easy to be a tennis coach these days. These, even if they work for Tennis Montreal, are struggling to find ways to give private lessons.

At this time, the City of Montreal allows the game in single on his 102 pitches outside, but no other activity is allowed.

“The three criteria of the government are the practical external, individual and non-organised [free practice]. As the tennis courts are regarded as an organized activity, they are banned for the moment, ” explained an officer of the City of Montreal in an email.

“It is frustrating when we see that the salon and several other businesses based on the approximation will be able to reopen and that we will not be able to work,” said a coach who has preferred to conceal his identity.

Lack of income

Several Tennis coaches in Montreal are students and rely on this income for the rest of the year.

“I am a student and this is a way for me to pay for everything. I work for a good shot during the summer to pay for everything, ” admits the coach, who The Newspaper spoke.

What’s more, land use is currently limited to one hour per day, per person.

“There is a very high turnout, which is also due to the prohibition of play in doubles for a reason of distance physical. These two factors have forced districts to limit the game time to an hour, ” says the publicist of the city in an e-mail.


The current situation puts another light on that is otherwise more complex, since it’s been a few years that the Tennis coaches in Montreal are struggling to give private lessons outside of their regular duties.

“Until about 2015, Tennis Montreal was not specific courses, but ensured that the coaches who did so had a check of criminal history, and that they were certified “, explained the president of the board of directors, Gabriel Trottier-Hardy.

The situation has become more complicated in 2017 when coaches independent complained.

“In some parks, particularly at the stage of IGA, there has been a small group of coaches who have complained that they are prevented from doing their work. Tennis
Montreal has decided to buy peace and not to get involved more, ” said Mr. Trottier-Hardy while noting that Tennis Montreal does not prohibit its coaches to give private lessons.


The problem is that the rules vary from one borough to the other.

“Each district makes its own rules in regard to its parks,” explained the coach we talked to.

“What we would like, mentioned Gabriel Trottier-Hardy, is that each judicial district imposes specific rules. It is to the advantage of all stakeholders that there is a quality control over the land.

“We have memoranda of understanding with the City renewed for three years, but the specific courses are not covered by these agreements. In all cases, it is the amateur tennis is a loser because he did not find. “

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