Not everyone will be able to use the “municipal nanny”

The Ministry of social policy said, who is not entitled to compensation for services “municipal baby-sitting”.

Не всі зможуть скористатися послугою «муніципальна няня»

Compensation for services “municipal baby-sitting” not going to be able to all parents – there are a number of exceptions. This was told in the press service of the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine, informs Rus.Media.

In particular, we are talking about parents, children’s homes of family type, foster parents if they receive a stipulated cash collateral.

“Payment services “municipal nanny” is not assigned to parents who are parents-Tutors of orphanages of family type, foster parents if they receive cash security according to the legislation”, – stated in the message the Ministry of social policy.

The Ministry added that compensation is prescribed “, subject to the signing of the contract about the supervision of the child under three years among recipients of the service “municipal nanny” – one of the parents, adopter, guardian or Trustee and municipal sitter, which may be a natural person-entrepreneur or a legal entity.

According to the head of the Ministry Andrey Reva, a family in which the child was born, will monthly receive 1626 UAH to pay for the Babysitting services. It in the Ukrainian budget provides 500 million.

Monthly parents, regardless of whether they work or not, will be able to 1626 UAH as compensation for payment of child care services. These fees will be reviewed each year in line with cost of living.

Earlier Reva said that parents who decide to hire for child care municipal the nanny, nobody will cancel the maternity leave payments. Babysitting absolutely no effect neither on the size of the maternity, nor for their abolition, as such a service would be only a bonus for young parents.