Not for the faint of heart: Lukashenko sang at a concert for them and began to cry, funny videos

Не для слабонервных: Лукашенко спел на концерте Повалий и расплакался, забавное видео

The network has published a video in which singing the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

“Lukashenko sings. Not for the faint of heart”, signed under the video in the Telegram-channel “Belarus of the brain.”

So, at the concert the singer Taisiya Povaliy gave Lukashenko a microphone during a performance of the song “Thy arms family arms,” and he began to sing. Judging by the video, the President of Belarus recalled the words on the go.

In addition, the network has shown how Lukashenka was deeply moved during the speech of his son Nicholas.

Nicholas has performed at the festival “Alexandria gathers friends” with the song “Viartanne Yes Spadchyna”, written by Valery Ivanov.

“You saw crying Lukashenko? Then take a look. At the piano his son Kolya,” – said in the Telegram channel.

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