Not in the fishing business: 10 reasons for deviations of men from marital debt

Не в рыбалке дело: 10 причин уклонения мужчин от супружеского долга

No woman would be pleased if her partner will suddenly refuse EXA. But this does not always mean that he lost interest. It is possible that for failure there are some other reasons. By the way, in any case, all of them can be correct — just have to figure out what happened.

Reasons of avoidance of men from marital debt

Fatigue after a working day

If the man came after a hard work, it is unlikely he will be an interesting intimacy. In this case, you should arrange a romantic evening of wine and slow music — and there intimacy will fit by itself.

The presence of a number of children

Generally, children should have his own room. So even if they are still small and do not understand anything, you need exam to do alone. Otherwise, men simply rise to complex regarding the fact that he now cannot be mainly because it was replaced by children.


Many men think that a woman will be unpleasant ex when she had her period. But for many women this is no hindrance. So just need the man to say so and offer to try ex without physical penetration. It is possible that the pleasure that will be no less.

The desire to sit at the computer

To resolve this reason, it is necessary to discuss in advance all the points about what time the partner will play games and when to be with a woman.

The desire to get spontaneous ex

Sometimes men want something sudden. Not worth it when there is the possibility to refuse them. Nature itself will do everything for him, if a woman will create the appropriate atmosphere.

The experience on the exterior

Many men look after their body, no less than women. And over the years begin to regret that youth go. In this case, the man just need to make it clear that he was still ahead.

Excessive porn

Science has proven that if you often watch porn, Aktualnye relationship there was no will, and some men do lose their erectile function. So to troubleshoot problems in men, you just need to talk about it. Or try to attract it with something that draws him to the movies.

Fear that will not work

Many men worry about the fact that their desire suddenly ends. To overcome this fear, ask your partner with your hands “do you pleased”. It is possible that during this process he will get Horny and forget about their fears.

Problems at work

In General, personal life should be kept away from work. Therefore, it is necessary to agree about that all operational issues are forgotten.

Not enough sleep

If a man before that didn’t sleep well, you can transfer ex in the morning. The feeling will be not worse, and the problem will solve itself.

Thus, we can conclude that not always the problem of the refusal of the men from AXA is already terrible. In most cases, everything can be solved with a simple manipulation. Much depends on the desires of a woman, so she should take the initiative in their hands.

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