Not only alcohol, but these are the main causes of liver disease

Не только алкоголь: названы основные причины заболеваний печени

Doctors debunked the main myth about the liver. As it turned out, not only the abuse of alcohol leads to cirrhosis.

Не только алкоголь: названы основные причины заболеваний печени

All used to think that the liver is the one organ that fails only if you frequently consume alcoholic drinks as well as fried foods rich in carcinogenic substances. In fact, liver disease, including cancer and cirrhosis, can also develop due to other reasons told doctors to warn people about possible danger.

Scientists conducted lot of research to finally figure out that it is a precursor to liver disease. They came to the conclusion that the reasons for this abound, the main ones include:
1. Obesity. The reason is clear, because people suffering from overweight, eating mostly sweets, junk food, fried and smoked foods that contain a maximum amount of fat and sugar that can lead not only to liver disease, and ailments of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Diabetes. Doctors believe that diabetics are forced to inject insulin, one of the first are at risk of liver disease. Usually insulin-dependent diabetics include excess weight and the place of its location is the stomach. The accumulation of fatty deposits in the abdominal cavity leads to fatty liver, which in medicine is called steatosis.
3. Depression, and pain. If the person is in a bad mood under the influence of stresses every day, then sooner or later he may develop depression. To cope with it, people used to take antidepressants that have a negative impact on the liver. The same applies to those who used not to cure their disease, accompanied by pain syndromes, and drink painkillers. After some time, the uncontrolled admission of such drugs, the liver can and does refuse.

4. The nicotine dependence. Smokers do not even know the impact of nicotine and tar on the liver cells. According to scientists, the harmful substances that enter the body along with the cigarette smoke destroys the liver and all other internal organs, so you can’t smoke if you want to live long.

5. Salt. The vast majority of the world’s population don’t even consider how much salt and salty foods they consume in a day. Almost all exceed several times the daily dose of salt, eating food from fast foods, chips, crackers, dried fish in packs, salami and so on. The result of the accumulation of salts in the body the following occurs — the liquid is delayed and not coming from the body along with salts, and because of this, may develop steatosis, that is obesity and swelling of the liver.

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