Not only the Black sea: in Kronstadt presented early Aivazovsky

PHOTO : MIR / Alan Kaziev


“The Kronstadt RAID” by Ivan Aivazovsky: the city-fortress opened an exhibition of early, rare works of great marine painter, transmits television channel “MIR 24”.

In the exhibition 35 paintings from the collections of Peterhof, naval and Russian museums and 15 private collections.

“The Imperial baths in Feodosia in the night,” “sunset on the sea with the tourists” to see these paintings is almost impossible. Most of the paintings are devoted to Kronstadt, including “Fort Alexander First.” It was in Kronstadt, a student of the Art Academy, Ivan Aivazovsky took his first steps as a marine painter, he painted seascapes with accurate reproduction of the game of water and light. From here he went to sea voyages.

“This exhibition is very important in order to slightly change the view of the Rockwell. Because first of all Aivazovsky associated with viewers, researchers from Feodosia, on the South coast. But, of course, North point and Kronstadt in particular is a start, this is a very important period for the artist,” said Maria Gadas, curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition also presents drawings in papier-Pele, when the artist writes on the surface with a layer of chalk. To see paintings by Aivazovsky is possible before September 1, free.