Not photographed – not eat: the basics of the profession of the photographer of food

PHOTO : MIR / Kukovsky Artem


Returned from a trip without a picture, so didn’t go anywhere. Save the moment is not so important, much more important to share it in social networks. But there are people who make a living snapping shots. Income from professional photographers is impressive, and how many directions. Want, shoot in the Studio. Like the work in the fresh air? Go to travel on cities and countries. One good picture can even pay for the plane tickets to Portugal. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Valentine Bekshaeva learned the basics of the profession of the photographer.

Travel, photograph and get paid for it — isn’t that the dream? Her exercise travel photographers. How to make the frame was standing? For the Council appeal to the photographer Alexander Wroblewski. He for eight years was replaced by a dozen pairs of sneakers. And all this for the sake of the best angles in different parts of the world.

“Of course, but there are a few caveats. If it has a recognizable person, it can’t be sold. If attended object of someone else’s copyright, for example, the illumination of the Eiffel tower is copyright of the company that made it. And so the sell for commercial use,” said travel photographer Alexander Wroblewski.

In Europe to sell the photo can be three times more expensive, than in Russia. For this there are special base – photostocks. The upload to the site, and the buyer finds he needs a photo.

“I’ve sold photos taken in Scotland with the national locks. In General, the pictures in Europe are sold more often. You can easily sell at 100, 200, 400 euros,” said Wroblewski.

Look for a good shot is best at dawn or sunset. The light makes the picture special. Exhausted long walks and flights, but with a camera do not want to leave — there are many other options of where to aim the lens. Today popular fashion photography. This photo shoot can cost anywhere from two to 20 thousand rubles. And if you are aging and can nice to make a cake without tasting a crumb, a time to do food photography.

“We try a little more to make the food more gently beautiful. This is a very common myth that food photographers use unnatural food,” says photographer Anastasia Zurabov.

Girl food photographer and chef in one person. Pictures of your own dishes it publishes in its cookbooks. You can collaborate with restaurants to work for brands or to provide a content page in the social network.

After the composition is formulated, it is important to adjust the light. For quality photos you will need a professional technician. The kit is not cheap – at least 350 thousand. But, after gaining experience, the money will easily repulsed. One advertising project could be worth 50 and 100 rubles.

“If you are a beginner, it can be 300 rubles an hour, assume. It is clear that top photographers can inflate, can take 40 and 50 thousand per hour. It all depends on how the photographer is cool,” admitted Zurabov.

But there is a small fly in the ointment: the law photographers must register at the tax, and therefore will pay four to six percent of their income. But you can be sure of fashion quality and meaningful images will not work ever. And the first steps in the world of photography easy to do. Look around and seize the moment at least for a phone camera, and it will agree, each one of us.