Not to Beachclub before the summer of 2021

Pas de Beachclub avant l’été 2021

The Beachclub in Pointe-Calumet Olive Primeau will not see the scroll of stars on its beach before the summer, learned The Newspaper.

“We take leave. We will reopen in may 2021. Maybe I’ll make myself a little private party, but other than that, nothing, ” confirmed to the Journal the co-owner of the Beachclub in Pointe-Calumet, Olivier Primeau.

Olivier Primeau does not ouvirir its Beach Club before next summer.

While it would normally open its doors with the arrival of the good weather, the Beachclub has decided to remain closed, the time that the pandemic subsides, and that the separation physical becomes a thing of the past.

“If there is a miracle, and that after the 31st of August, we can make the gatherings, maybe for the long weekend of September, I would do one or two shows, but there is 1 % chance that it could happen,” said the one that many consider as the king of social media in Quebec.

No beach

Even the beach of Beachclub will remain empty this summer, ” explains the businessman, who was able to attract over the years, international stars such as Kylie Jenner and Sean Paul in the small village of 7000 souls of the Laurentians.

“My neighbor slips open in three weeks. She asked me if we opened our beach. We said no because we, more than 95 % of our revenues come from shows and not from the beach. So we leave it closed for a year, ” said Mr. Primeau.

When we asked him if he had had the returns of the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ), which has in its sights because of incidents that have given headaches to the police, he said no.

“Our cause has been postponed several times because of the COVID-19, then there was no penalty. We even received a letter telling us that they would we come back if there was one, ” said Olivier Primeau.

Project postponed

For its project of $ 80 million to transform his club into a luxury hotel complex as the one of Esterel, the fruit is not ripe.

The resort style condo-hotel one hundred rooms with a spa might be still in the cartons, the success of concerts at the Beachclub encourages the contractor to delay the project for now.

“It, it is on the ice. It is on the ice because the Beachclub works well. Our events work well, so we have to focus on it at this time “, he concluded.

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