Not yet accompanying the birth in Québec

Pas encore d’accompagnantes à la naissance à Québec

Despite a ministerial directive authorizing their presence in the delivery room since the beginning of the month of June, accompanying the birth are still not admitted in the hospitals of Quebec.

In the wake of the déconfinement, the ministry of Health made public on June 5 of the new guidelines for the care of pregnant women and newborns.

This missive authorizing, among others, the return of a companion during meetings, follow-up of pregnancy — including ultrasounds, obstetric — in addition to the opportunity to count on the presence of a second significant person during childbirth and stay in the postpartum period.

The houses of birth and several hospital centres in Quebec have given the green light to the presence of the “doula” or midwife during childbirth. In the National Capital, however, the CHUL and hôpital Saint-François d’assise does not allow that the presence of dads at this point.

“They are three weeks late,” says Jo-anie Gagnon, a member of the board of directors of the Association québécoise des attendant at birth, which claims the guidelines are “clear and uniform” for the whole of the health network.

Since the beginning of the crisis, more than fifty families of Quebec were not able to benefit from the support of their caring advocates Ms. Gagnon, who supports herself between one and four women each month in the process of its birth.

To the institutions to decide

Contacted by The Newspaper, the ministry of Health (MSSS) said leave it to the schools to establish policy for them, depending on their situation. The CHUL and St. Francis of Assisi will go, however, before, ensures the spokesperson Geneviève Dupuis.

Recently, a number of measures have been put in place to allow for the presence of a second accompanying at the time of delivery. This possibility, which was originally planned to be applicable from 13 July, will enter finally into force as of Monday the two schools of the National Capital.

Return visits

It is also worth noting that a new directive of the MSSS will allow any patient to be accompanied during a visit or a stay in hospital or to the emergency, and, as of Monday.

Prohibited since the beginning of the health crisis, the visits will resume service at this time due to a visitor at the times and under various other conditions, confirms the spokesperson, Marie-Claude Lacasse.

Each institution may, however, modulate this directive “exceptional basis in the event of an outbreak or during a high-traffic environment,” says the missive.

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