Nothing has changed, or almost

Rien n’a changé, ou presque

Work from home, it is a real charm. I savor every minute of it. On the ground floor, my wife, a true cordon bleu, puts a dish in the oven. Soon, the scents will overwhelm the household. In an hour or two, I will be traveling. In India ? In Asia ? In France ? Who knows where my taste buds will lead me ?

In this exceptional context, and concern, I remain aware that I am a privileged person. I still have a job, whose services were deemed essential. I work in the media industry. I have a salary, benefits and something that all the world dream : a life almost hassle free.

The for

You have understood, I am far from being impartial. The work at home was part of my daily life for over 20 years. I do not see, therefore, that the benefits. And there are several.

To work from home, good communication tools are essential. In this chapter, I have the complete… My internet provider is reliable, the speed is excellent and I lowered the sides to a minimum. There is no need of video, devices WiFi the more possible… and it all works properly.

The work environment must also be functional. Nothing is more unpleasant than working on the kitchen table. Enough space for work tools, and proper posture are also elements necessary for the proper functioning of this new life.

The discipline plays an important role. My schedule demands that I be at the station between 15 h and 22 h 30. Thirty minutes earlier, I’m in front of the computer and I have already started my daily routine. Not to be late, even if a staircase separates my living area of my work… Starting early allows me to take a moment to enjoy the good food of my life partner.

Of course, the breaks are essential. They need to be short, while being satisfactory. Five minutes maximum at a time, like at the office, are sufficient. And it is perfect for the physical and the mental.

And it takes of the organization. There is nothing to prevent doing a load of wash during your working hours, provided that this task is not a priority.

The dress is also important… Even if you work from home does not require a record to be developed, the coquet that I am sometimes takes his work clothes, even to go to the basement. Admittedly, I dress like a soft sometimes… or I wear ” outfits of the week “. But it is still important to feel good.

Add to this the savings associated with travel and the wear and tear of the vehicle, the cost of parking (or public transit), to the purchase of clothing. They far outweigh the few dollars spent for electricity consumption.

Of against ?

I try, I can’t find any negative point. Of course, the people who are in need of socialization do not find their account, but, with the software of communication, it is easier to contact colleagues. I do not deprive, but my natural homebody and get satisfied plenty of these moments of solitude.

I remind you : it takes discipline… Those who have the least, will have difficulty in coping with work and family activities. I admit : it took me years to reach this goal.

One day, life will resume its course. But nothing will be as before. Telework will now have a greater place in our society transformed. And I hope to be the number of the elect. Yes, I contracted a virus, one of the productivity at home.

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