Noticed that the name of the woman affects her health and predisposition to various diseases

Подмечено, что имя женщины влияет на ее здоровье и склонность к различным заболеваниям

People with the same names are not only similar in habits, personalities, preferences and abilities, but also predisposed to the same diseases. Find out which diseases tend you.


From childhood Sasha have a predisposition to respiratory diseases: cough to bronchitis. In addition, the owners of that name should carefully follow the diet. Sasha sin erratic diet. In their thin and the body is enclosed by a call to the irrepressible energy that needs a way to exercise.

“Summer of Sash — a weak immune system. The “spring” of Alexander is best to keep their nerves and not to make such frequent tantrums, they are very easily excitable. “Winter” — the most stubborn, so to persuade them to timely treatment is very difficult, unless they do not want. “Autumn” — often turn in on themselves and prone to depression.


With mean little and fragile, however, with childhood hurts less than their peers, rarely have trouble sleeping or eating. Achilles ‘ heel Alice — colds she picks up instantly. Even a simple flu can give serious complications, so in times of epidemics the Alice you need to be very careful not to forget about prevention.

Alice often inherit the disease through two or three generations. The good health famous for “winter” Alice (especially February) are sometimes observed disorder of the intestine. The weak point of “spring” girls — nose; “autumn” (born in October!) vision is; “summer” — throat.


In childhood and youth often suffer from a sore throat or bronchitis. With years of problem throat order of magnitude stronger. The same can be said about the nervous system in childhood is patient and restrained, Nastia years too emotional and Moody and quickly loses it. In adulthood, it could be part of gynecology and menstrual disorders. Common diseases Anastasia ancient years rheumatism, varicose veins, vision problems.


As a child Ani not differ good health. Frequent scoliosis and diathesis. Especially the weaknesses of the girl’s stomach and teeth. Another feature of women with the same name — a rather fragile bones (be careful that your diet has enough calcium). Often predisposed to be overweight, as I like to eat. To promote health Anna needed a long sleep. Be sure to add to regular medical examinations appointment the podiatrist. Summer girls should keep vision.


In childhood and adolescence, suffering from numerous colds (hereditary) and problems with the nervous system. The latter is especially true of Lands born in the winter. They are vulnerable and extremely sensitive to everything. To death do not tolerate conflict — the minimum argument can scare them and upset to the core.

Most owners of this name in his youth suffer from appendicitis. Over the years can cause cardiovascular disease. Vulnerability of Antonina — her kidneys are unpleasantly felt after forty years. Antonina need to beware of stress, as they are prone to depression. After birth there is a risk of developing varicose veins.


The Val need to protect your throat. It is to suffer from every second representative of this name. At school age may develop flat feet, and after the first childbirth, mastitis, and thrombophlebitis. Another problem Valentin — weight, and all because, in fact, their figure they are indifferent.

Obesity is not only an aesthetic problem, but also has a negative impact on the cardiovascular system and the stomach. “Winter” Valea bad reaction to chicken pox every year suffer from acute respiratory infections. It is a little cold — body temperature rises to 40!


Capricious and insistent young ladies! So much so that in a fit of rage often thwarts the voice. In the early years there is a risk of scoliosis and/or flat feet. “Spring” Lera often suffer from accidents with the arms, shoulders, hands. With age can develop arthritis. Heavy intellectual load ler counter — surge and pressure she developed severe headaches and insomnia.

Smoking is also best avoided. “Summer” Lera sometimes suffer from rhinitis. “Autumn” — have a predisposition to anorexia. “Winter” Lera healthier than others — they have almost never cold, but with age may begin to suffer the liver.


The immune system of Belief should be seriously strengthened since childhood. In addition, they are big sweet tooth! They need to follow the diet it should be balanced, otherwise the sweetness can bring different problems: the trouble with teeth to excess weight. In adulthood, the Faith can develop rheumatism, arthritis.

The “winter” of Faith suffer from severe headaches, prone to nervous breakdowns. “Spring” is suffering from laryngitis and tonsillitis, allergic reactions. “Summer” — it is strictly forbidden to smoke. “Autumn” — inherited with the name and Ver is typical for diseases of cardiovascular system.


In childhood, Vick should be nurtured to strengthen her health. Doctors often note the owners of this name weakened lungs — needless to say about the dangers of Smoking for representatives of this victorious name? Girls and Mature women often suffer from migraines, and they must be especially careful to monitor the condition of the teeth and ears.

“Winter” Vicki used to “plant” the vision; “spring” is very sensitive to ambient temperature, it is necessary that the room in which they are located, always was good — not warm, but not hot. The Achilles heel of the “summer” — nervous system, and the beach in autumn, sore throat. At the slightest indisposition to the Vic should not include characters, and to comply with the home mode.


In the childhood Galina was often sick with bronchitis because of weak immune system. But strong-willed character Gal does not allow them to oppose the treatment: they are not afraid of injections, no doctors (even dentists!). Gali slowly heal wounds, it is connected with the blood (often third or fourth). Winter women hot — tempered, they can be difficult to find a common language with others.

“Spring” in my childhood, late start walking, located to the sore throat disease. Gali health often depends on which disease was at my parents. The “old” owners of this name poor eyesight, and “autumn” syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity.


Dasha predisposed to infectious diseases, injury and malfunction of the liver. Please note on the spine! In early childhood, restless and headstrong but with good health. Health winter dash often undermines pneumonia and various respiratory diseases with high temperature.

In the school years brings a windmill. The spring — is prone to metabolic disorders and impaired vision. “Summer” — the most mobile and physically active, recover quickly. “Autumn” prone to depression, irritable, and easily terrified.


Since childhood, Jen often have impaired vision and poor appetite. They are very restless, irritable (especially if you were born in February or December). Eugenia allergies sweet. Adult women should strengthen the back muscles and have regular visits with a gynecologist. Over the years, there is a predisposition to fractures.

“Spring” Genis all without exception sick with chicken pox. On the girl in any case can not shout — it destroys her nervous system. “Autumn” owners name, the changeable mood. After 30 years, Eugenia often struggle with excess weight and sitting on a diet.


The kat needs a regular life and a long sleep. A stressful situation literally destroy these women from the inside and can bring to the hospital. With age in “winter” Ekaterin can start to hurt your feet, especially the suffering of the lower leg. There is a risk of dystonia with severe headaches.

Be careful not to chill your kidneys. All Kat should be more careful with tan — long stay under the blazing sun, she is absolutely contraindicated. The “winter” women suffer complications of the flu.


Lena can boast of good immunity, it rarely hurts. The most common diseases, acute respiratory infections and stomach problems. The “winter” (especially “February”) is very weak nervous system and duodenum; and “spring” — the delicate tooth enamel and malocclusion.

“Summer” can be addressed at surgery for vision correction. “Autumn” Lena get sick less often than others, but in adulthood they should especially take care of the pancreas and the veins.


Elizabeth may suffer from metabolic disorders that is passed to it by inheritance from his mother. To minimize the effects on the body and figure, Lisa should pay attention to balanced nutrition. The Lisas do not play with fire in the literal sense of the word: these people tend burns. “Winter” Elizabeth often aggressive.

“Spring” is often swayed in any transport necessary to train the vestibular apparatus. Immunity “summer” “microanatomical”, but the stomach may be weak. The weakest in health — “autumn” Lisa, it seems that even small scratches to heal them forever. Often prone to viral diseases.


Jeanne used to taking in your strong-willed hands, including health. If Janna chose a particular method of healing the body, even doctors can be difficult to persuade her. Jeanne — pronounced “owl”. A long sleep in absolute silence for their nervous systems just need. Pretty messy in food — with this diet you have to complain and on those extra pounds.

“Spring” Jeanne dire need of vitamins, there is a predisposition to psoriasis. “Winter” — more common in summer than in winter. “Autumn” often experience problems with speech, a child seeing a speech therapist. The “summer” with age decreases the stomach acidity and it is salts.


A unique feature of all owners of this name: girl born in the night, get sick significantly less than those who were born during the day. But those and others easily fall into depression. Very often the predisposition to various diseases passed on from her mother. Often Inna — the most avid smokers, which is very difficult to get rid of the addiction.

Those born in the winter of possible problems with the thyroid gland and a predisposition to bronchitis. “Summer” — immediately pick up any “sores” from others. “Autumn” have problems with nutrition.


Always slender Irina as the years begin to gain weight. Given this feature, they should monitor their weight and nutrition. Adolescence often begin to complain of headaches. Health largely depends on the sick parents.

“Winter” Ira catch cold at the slightest breeze and are predisposed to hyperplasia of the thyroid gland. The “head doctor” “spring” IRIN GYN. “Summer” — is not sustainable to stress that long out of their usual rut. Weak bodies “autumn” Irina, throat, bronchi, stomach.


The “winter” Christina is the most complex. Notable debater will prove their innocence, even on the doctor’s. Perfect skin is an important “thing” her personal attitude to their own appearance. “Spring” Christina predisposed to osteochondrosis.

Sometimes there are dental problems: malocclusion, uneven teeth. “Summer” — complain about the violation of the gastrointestinal tract that is inherited from the mother. Should pay tribute — with age, the stomach is getting better by itself. “Autumn” can be frequent otitis.


The problem many women with the same name — quite inconsistent menstrual cycle dates constantly shifting. In adulthood Kseniy it is desirable to keep the heart and liver. Born in the spring, summer and autumn can boast of an excellent memory. However, they often suffer from infectious diseases.

But “winter” regularly suffer from insomnia. If you call a girl that name in honor of his mother or grandmother, you may inadvertently “reward” her with a bouquet of hereditary diseases.


Most ludmil complains of stomatitis. In childhood, often after the disease to have complications on the ears, up to partial hearing loss. In adulthood it is necessary to keep the nervous system and legs. “Winter” Lyudmila pursue bruises and grazes — an effect unintelligent character. The “spring” of possible kidney failure, and the “summer” — irregularities in the thyroid gland. “Autumn” — complains of weak bones and poor immune system.


Marguerite is prone to mild depression, depression, she often shattered nerves and bad mood. In adulthood there is a deposition of salts, sore toes. The flu and strep throat — companions for life. A trip to the doctor Rita postpones until the last moment, no matter what health problems arose. Spring women complain of headaches. “Summer” suffer from a weak immune system. “Autumn” and “winter” is much stronger health than the “thermophilic” namesake.


The “winter” Masha often there are congenital heart problems. This condition exacerbates emotionality and sensitivity with which she perceives the surrounding situation. Masham should keep eyes on them “beat” the frequent disease. It is not recommended to overeat, especially if she is a full daddy.

Born in the winter in any case we can not discount the pain and cramps in the stomach. “Spring” Masha I know firsthand about the problems with ears and sinus. “Summer” has a predisposition for female diseases. “Autumn” is located to skin diseases, rheumatism, you need to check your heart.


The most vulnerable parts of the active and energetic marinas are sexual and nervous system. All Marinas special attention should be given to your diet and routine in General, because excessive exercise threaten the physical and psychological exhaustion.


In childhood, Nadia pursue respiratory disease. She has a very weak throat, and with age, the situation does not change. Holders of this name, born in the summer, more common in the offseason and did not recover. “Spring” Nadi prone to various infectious diseases of the skin, especially on the face. The “autumn” of Hope because of frequent sore throats in adulthood may develop arthritis and coronary artery disease. The older “winter” Nadia, the weaker her nervous system and often gastritis.


Natasha often suffer in childhood from angina. May develop degenerative disc disease. After thirty years you should pay attention to vision — can begin to develop long-sightedness. Can not boast of Natasha and good skin. Another weak point of all owners of this name — the spine. Among the obvious advantages — Natalia not a hypochondriac, a strong spirit, and every affliction bravely.

She could easily take care of herself. In her youth she weakened digestive function of the stomach and intestines, with frequent poisoning. However, over the years it comes and goes. Boasts excellent teeth. Natalia strongly affected by hereditary diseases.


Many diseases are transmitted Olga inherited. However, significant deviations in health no. Slightly weakened lungs and bronchi, there are complications of the flu. Olga is a frequent guest in the dentist chair: particularly strong teeth deteriorate after childbirth. The doctors drawn in rare cases, when, as they say, is “push”. If is a marked tendency to be overweight, it is closer to old age to old age she remains thin and twangy.

“Summer” Olga in adulthood may suddenly recover from jaundice. From “autumn” are frequent complications after childbirth. “Winter” Olga suffers with ears making since childhood requires a lot of attention, care and warmth.


From a young age she has a weak immune system. It is important to follow the work of the stomach. If Pauline manages to protect from infectious diseases, even in adulthood, she may have had rubella or chicken pox. She is balanced and calm, but inside the raging passions.

Disorders in the nervous system make itself felt after 35 years. The “spring” Polina in adulthood rather troubled skin. The “summer” there is flat and often acute infections. “Autumn” and “winter” becomes unbearable during pregnancy, hormones are felt particularly strongly.


Lights are prone to stomatitis and gum problems. Moreover, these teeth are quite strong. School years are not uncommon a variety of skin diseases associated with impaired liver function. Does not tolerate high temperatures. After childbirth can be very stout, and reset purchased pounds will be very difficult.

This is especially true of Lights born in the winter, which is a sedentary lifestyle. “Spring” holders of this name complain of dizziness and summer – vascular dystonia, and decreased vitality. “Autumn” sick less often than others, but not immune from headaches during weather changes.


Often a minor injury, the broken arm. In his childhood tan bother the glands can be hormonal disorders. After birth usually do well – the metabolism. Should be very careful with alcohol – some-Thani situated to the alcohol addiction. Mental disorders and the kidneys are often the born in the fall. “Winter” is more often an endocrinologist. “Spring” to keep the light and be attentive to the diet. “Summer” need to monitor the teeth.


The child is often sick with pharyngitis, laryngitis, in adulthood, these diseases can become chronic. Julia is afraid of dentists, and tries as little as possible to treat the teeth, which in her case is a big mistake. “Winter” Julia is prone to nervous breakdowns, deep depressions, so it can’t scream, can begin hysterical. Spring women complain of constant headaches.

Similar problems arise in “autumn” (especially those born in November). Two key body to “spring” Yul gall – bladder and heart. “Autumn” is located to the respiratory and urological diseases.

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