Nova Scotia: 15 years in prison for the “worst of the worst” drivers

Nova Scotia: 15 years in prison for the

A driver from Nova Scotia, infamously described as the “worst of the worst” impaired motorists, was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Tuesday.

Terry Lee Naugle, pleaded guilty in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax earlier this month to eight counts in three cases that arose between July 2019 and February this year. Prior to that, he had been convicted 23 times of impaired driving.

Suffering from terminal lung cancer, the 62-year-old is likely to die behind bars after being sentenced to 15 years in prison on Tuesday for his latest offenses, “The Chronicle Herald” reported.

Detained since February, he has admitted responsibility for two counts of drug-impaired driving, three counts of violating a life-long driving ban and possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a stolen vehicle and obstructs the work of the police.

In the past, he has served six federal prison sentences, including an 8.5-year sentence imposed on him in 2010.

“It's easy to describe Terry Naugle as the worst of the worst, a dangerous man,” Justice Jamie Campbell said on Tuesday, accepting a joint recommendation from the lawyers.

According to an agreed statement of facts, on October 12, 2019, a Hyundai Sonata driven by Naugle was pulled over by military police after running a red light in Shearwater. The Military Police contacted the RCMP for assistance after Naugle refused to provide his name or proof of identity.

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