Nova Scotia: families and couples among the victims

Nouvelle-Écosse: des familles et des couples parmi les victimes

The testimonies were abundant, Monday, in the aftermath of the largest mass murder of mass of the recent history of Canada. Many have turned to social networks to pay tribute to members of their family or their loved ones who are among the 18 victims of the tragedy that occurred in Nova Scotia

First victim identified officially as of Sunday, the officer of the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP), Heidi Stevenson, a veteran of the police, who had 23 years of experience in the profession, was killed in the operation to put out of state to harm the shooter. The native of Nova Scotia, was married and had two children aged 13 and 10 years old.

On Monday, the superintendent of the RCMP Chris Leather has qualified constable Stevenson of the “true heroine” in a press conference.

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According to the daily newspaper nova scotia “Chronicle Herald”, Sean McLeod and Alanna Jenkins, a couple of correctional officers of West Wentworth, are among the victims, just like Jamie and Greg Blair, a couple. They were married and owned a company that provided natural gas and propane to people in the region.

The death of Frank and Dawn Madsen, who lived in Durham, have been confirmed by the City. “This tragedy hits us hard then that two of the victims are residents of Durham for a long time”, noted the director-general of the City, John Henry, in a press release.

Jolene Oliver, Aaron (Friar) Tuck and Emily Tuck, a couple and their daughter of 17 years, have also died during this tragedy, revealed the sister of Jolene, Tammy Oliver-McCurrdie, by launching a campaign of sociofinancement to cover the cost of their funeral. All three had left Alberta to be arranged in Portapique. The prime minister, alberta’s Jason Kenney has also paid tribute on Monday.

People from all walks of life

The death of Lisa McCully, a teacher at the elementary school in Debert appreciated by all, was confirmed by his union.

“Our 9300 members shared the pain of colleagues and students of the school of Debert, as well as that of his family and his friends. All know how much Lisa was a professor passionate about,” said the teachers ‘ union, Nova Scotia in a press release.

Two other victims, Kristen Beaton, a patient care attendant and mother of the family, and her colleague Heather O’brien, a nurse auxiliary, and grand-mother, worked for the Nurses of the victorian Order of Canada (VON Canada).

“All the care workers first-line are heroes. Yesterday, two of her heroines have been uprooted from their families. We share their grief,” said the organization via press release.

Tom Bagley, a resident of Elmsdale and veteran of the army, 70 years of age having worked for over 30 years as a member of the fire service from the international airport Halifax, Stanfield, was killed near his home before being found by neighbours.

“He died trying to help. If you knew him, you know he was like that,” said his daughter, Charlene Bagley, on his page Facebook.

Gina Goulet, a denturist, and double cancer survivor, and Corrie Ellison, a social services worker, are also part of the victims identified by the “Chronicle Herald”.

Recall that the suspect, Gabriel Wortman, died after a shootout with police after being intercepted at a service station in Enfield. Dressed as a police officer, a man of 51 years has brought with it the death on his passage to blow fire and firearms, outside the RCMP for a dozen hours.

The “Globe and Mail” also reported the death of John Zahl and Elizabeth Joanne Thomas, of the immediate neighbors of Gabriel Wortman, whose house burned down.

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