Novyi Rik-2020: it became known that the yakoy Buda home yalinka of Ukraine in stolic

Новий рік-2020: стало відомо, якою буде головна ялинка України в столиці

Home yalinka of Ukraine on Sofisky plow in KIV in this year, perhaps, Buda alive.

“Mi hocemo in this year’s ustanoviti Sofisky plow live Alinco, at least so Planum, ale not wykluczenie option, scho bude won zbra Yak at view from the past year. At whether yakomu vipadku zrobilo , duzhe pyshnoy – like Yak appears to have Low. After the Holy New rock guilty Buti sprains and vono without give alinci this will not. , prekrasnie of scrivimi kraskami for motives nemeckih of Cuzco. Mi zaplanowane bagato Zivago on nowarn Holy,” respown curator project Folk Ukraine Igor Dobrucki vidano “Today”.

Also it became known that scho on Sofisky PLoS bude pobutovoi special pavilion, Yogo privatti history of Santa Claus, that prelude to Kyiv s Vropy.

At last year nkoli teplytsia th neprimer. So, be called a few more minutes, the amusement had peritonealis for eight franzus have nine ive Godin nonego Signa the though plastic Krka on the 50-metrowy visit. There stench prosideli s 2018 year 2019, and lachey Franz Buli SNAT ryatuvalnyk helcopter.

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