“Now, it’s true” – Alexander Romanov

TORONTO | there is no registry on the dress codes in the NHL. But it was probably a first. Alexander Romanov was wearing a sweater decorated with several giant pandas to its virtual meeting with journalists in montreal.

When Romanov took place in a conference room at the Royal York in Toronto, he left his first practice with his new team, the Montreal canadiens.

“Yes, it is true. Now, it is true, I am part of the team, said the defender of Russian 20 years old with a wide smile. I am happy, I am a member of the Canadian. “

For the next few days, Romanov will be allowed to train with the CH, but it will not have the right to play against the Penguins during the tour of the qualifications. And the rest of the series in the event of a victory against the tape to Sidney Crosby.

“My goal for this week is to stay with the team, to encourage and train me strong “, explained the choice of the 2nd round (38th overall) in the draft of 2018.

The defender of Russian Alexander Romanov was attentive to his first training session with the Canadian on Friday.

Pure happiness

Even if it will not likely have a ton of minutes to devote to practice, Claude Julien was pleased with the arrival of his defender promising.

“I saw an excited young man. He was content and happy, said Julien. It showed on the ice. It was two weeks ago that he had not skated. He had just spent a week in quarantine. For him, it was like coming out of prison. It was seen again teammates. His attitude was very good. It was refreshing to see his good mood. ”

“It is a strange situation. We met him today for the first time, ” said captain Shea Weber. We will learn to know him. He had gone there, for his hard work and skills. He has talent, it shows. “

A long wait

Romanov has officially signed his contract on the 13th of July last with the Canadian. A three-year agreement, typical of a contract for the rookie.

The leaders of the NHL have allowed him to burn the first year of his agreement by joining the team for the series, without, however, act as a player during matches.

Before leaving Moscow in Russia, Romanov has been waiting a few days to receive her visa. Once in Toronto, he spent seven days in a hotel room. He had to undergo a quarantine of seven days, where he was to receive four tests negative to the COVID-19.

“I was nervous, really nervous. The last week, it was so boring, recalled the Romanovs. I was in a hotel room and I could not get out of the room. There was a security guard behind the door. I was bored. I was so eager to jump on the ice with the Canadian. “

Once the series ended, Romanov returned to Russia for a few weeks and he will hand over the cap on Montréal before the opening of the next camp, scheduled for mid-November.

And this is in a context where there is no delay due to the pandemic.

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