Now Zelensky was only one trump card to appeal directly to the U.S. Congress

Теперь у Зеленского остался только один козырь - напрямую обратиться к Конгрессу США

© press-service of the President of Ukraine When the leader of the most powerful country in the world feels deep and almost inexplicable hostility to Ukraine, at the same time respectful to Putin, this suggests that Zelensky and his country will be a dark and uncertain future, according to the media Semicl Bociurkiw analyst international policy and a former representative of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe published on the website of CNN material, which analyzes various aspects of U.S.-Ukrainian relations.

Vladimir Zelensky announced the decision to run for President of Ukraine, promising to bring peace to war-torn Eastern region of the country. He even could not imagine that the President of the United States Donald trump threatened him to deprive Kiev of nearly $ 400 million military and economic aid in the case that a former comedian won’t find dirt on his political opponents, analysts say, clearly ignoring the nuances.

Once broke this scandal, continues Michael Bociurkiw, trump declined to allegations that it has suspended assistance to Ukraine, because this is a deeply corrupt country. He Supreme commander of the United States and members of his inner circle since then has repeatedly repeated this assertion. Zelenski and his team decided to refrain from public comments in the hope that they will be able to steer clear of this negative history. This situation may cause some sympathy to their country, find themselves in an extremely difficult position.Alena Tregub, Secretary General of the anti-corruption non-governmental organization NACO, specializing in the defense sector and is one of the initiatives of Transparency International, said: “Ukraine was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Any country could fall into this unfortunate situation with trump”.

Meanwhile, Zelenski and his team have to understand the complex and confusing process of peaceful settlement and to negotiate with Moscow, not knowing whether they can count on the full support of the administration of the trump in case, if something goes wrong. Let’s look truth in the face: how can you have legitimate negotiations with Russia, if Russia refuses to acknowledge that it supports the militias fighting in the East of Ukraine (representatives of the Russian Federation repeatedly declared that Russia is not a party to the conflict. — Approx. edition).

Even more situation is aggravated by the fact that politicians in European countries, according to rumors, gradually refuse to support anti-Russian sanctions imposed against Moscow after the annexation of Crimea in 2014. A good example of the changing attitude towards the Kremlin appeared in the July, when at the insistence of Germany and France, Russia has again taken to the Council of Europe is the main European forum for the protection of human rights.

In normal circumstances Ukraine, a traditional ally of the US, could count on the support of Washington in its interactions with Russia. However, the focus of the White house, trump on the hearings part of the process of impeachment and accusations that trump was trying to get Zelensky to dig up dirt on Joe and hunter Biden, turns into a void, which the President of Russia Vladimir Putin may use it.

When I worked in Ukraine for the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE), I knew that if the then US Ambassador made some statements, he was confident of the full support of the state Department and the President.

Now trump even have an Ambassador in Kiev, because he withdrew early so the former Mary Yovanovitch. Now America’s interests in Kiev is a career diplomat William Taylor, who can be called a “lame duck” after he acted in Congress with damning testimony about the actions of trump.

I met Taylor last week. He shows a definite willingness to work to strengthen the security and prosperity of Ukraine. But I doubt that he enjoys such rapid promotion. Especially after a visit to Washington, where he delivered the damning testimony regarding the actions of trump. He and a number of current and former career diplomats have assured me that, despite the machinations in Washington, Ukraine can count on the support of both parties in Congress.

But when the leader of the most powerful country in the world feels deep and almost inexplicable hostility to Ukraine, at the same time respectful to Putin, this suggests that Zelensky and his country expects much more grim and uncertain future.

Putin thrives in the chaos and disunity, and he determined to use all cracks in the long-established relations between the USA and Ukraine. (Not very clear what the author understands under the chaos and disunity, while it is clear that the chaos and disunity that prevails for five years in Ukraine, President Putin of Russia has nothing — Ed.).

The impression is that Putin is actively pursuing the conclusion of such a peace agreement that former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and his former Minister of foreign Affairs described as surrender.

In fact, the agreement will pave the way for elections, which resulted in the Donbass will receive partial autonomy, but Ukraine will have to accept the almost complete lack of protective mechanisms and safeguards, which it insists.

Time goes, the Ukrainians are tired of the discussion of asymmetrical transaction. The prospect of signing a final agreement and a summit for a peaceful settlement, which insists the President of France Emmanuel macron, seems increasingly remote.

Fortunately, Zelensky, whose party “servant of the people” has a majority in the Ukrainian Parliament, managed to reach certain and commendable success on the home front.

As soon as he became President, he was able to secure the release of Ukrainian seamen, captured by Russia (I mean sailors, who in a provocative attempt to illegally cross the border of the Russian Federation — Ed.) and also known political prisoners (all of them were convicted on criminal charges for attempt of carrying out terrorist attacks — Ed.). In September in Ukraine was easily adopted a law abolishing parliamentary immunity (in fact, the author apparently does not know parliamentary immunity revoked in part and only from 1 January 2020 — Ed.).

But compared to the euphoria after Zelensky landslide victories in the presidential and parliamentary elections, now the General mood in Kyiv can be described at best as cautious optimism. And at worst, judging by my conversations with a number of people, including businessmen and civil society leaders as outright fear that Zelensky will not stay in office a full term.

In addition to the precarious and unpredictable peace process Zelensky faces many other problems in Ukraine. The attempt to repeal the longstanding ban on the sale of agricultural land failed, and the reform of the judiciary criticized the Western partners.

In addition, prompting accusations that Zelensky has taken too soft a stand against his former business partner, the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who is trying to ensure that he be returned to his nationalized “PrivatBank”. Moreover, a few weeks after the start of the team Zelensky has lost one of its most experienced technocrats, Secretary of the national security and defense Alexander danyluk.

With regard to the decision of local authorities to remain silent and not answer, while trump and his entourage continue to call Ukraine a corrupt country, the Ukrainian diplomatic sources said that the team Zelensky is reviewing its strategy for fear that it may deprive them of foreign investment, which they desperately need, primarily from the United States.

Meanwhile, Zelensky is a much more suitable opportunity to regain a voice: he should have the courage to make a choice in favor of the aggressive approach of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which in 2015 is masterful has bypassed the Obama White house and appealed directly to the American public, speaking at a joint session in Congress. If the support of both parties, which they say Taylor and others real, that Zelensky is not difficult to get an invitation to speak before the U.S. Congress.

After a clumsy performance Zelensky in the United States at a joint press conference with trump on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly’s powerful speech in Congress can be a masterful diplomatic move, which will lead Ukraine to a new trajectory.

Such a speech can become an unprecedented opportunity to refute the negative narrative about Ukraine that trump and his team spread in Washington, and remind Congress why both parties should continue to give strong support to the former Soviet Republic.

In the end, trump’s foreign policy as he pleases. Why does Congress not to allow ourselves some freedom?The material is based on a translation site

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