NTD: the US is provoking a crisis within the WTO because of the trade war with China

NTD: США провоцируют кризис внутри ВТО из-за торговой войны с Китаем

The WTO expressed grave concern at the crisis which the work of its court of appeal can be blocked in the coming days. This is because the United States is already more than two years to block the appointment of new judges, because dissatisfied with the position of WTO in relation to China. If the appellate body will stop working, will have to be postponed for an indefinite period of about a hundred cases pending before the merchant ships, reports NTD.

The world trade organization announced that it faced a “serious crisis” as its appellate body can stop working.

KEITH ROCKWELL, a spokesman for the WTO: When the crisis will be resolved and how this will happen, I don’t know. This unpleasant situation. I think everyone agrees that to solve the problem as soon as possible.

On Monday, the US announced that they would not support the proposal, which would allow the appellate body to continue its consideration of trade disputes. The administration of Donald trump believes that this body is “beyond the scope” of competence, so more than two years blocking the appointment to a vacant place in it.

In recent times, disputes were resolved with a minimum number of three judges. However, two of them 10 Dec expire.

KEITH ROCKWELL: the Director General announced that in the near future we will hold intensive consultations of a political nature. He said we need to “dig deeper”, as well as a broader view of what needs to be done to find a solution to the problem of the appellate body.

On Monday, the WTO has made another attempt to resolve the contradiction. However, the US representative said that the organization “did not dispel concerns” about abuse of power and disregard of WTO rules by the judges.

Most of the dissatisfaction with Washington is the fact, as the world trade organization applies to China. So, she gave Beijing the credit of the subsidies, and rejected the US measures, which they wanted to take against dumping.

If the appellate body will stop working, 11 complaints left without consideration. Will also have to postpone and about a hundred other cases pending before the commercial vessels.

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