Nuclear scientists and vegans

Атомщики и веганы

Literally torn between two interesting topics. First: who has not outlined the “red lines” Zelensky in the negotiations in Paris? And the second: “nuclear independence”. Both…a minute, lol, but unrelated to each other. Is that the General surrealism of the situation, rolling in the penis Tymoshenko, unites them. Although let’s be politically correct and not going to focus on the things that cause the majority of the heads of the Cabinet a deep sense of rejection.

Will begin with the dismissal of Yuri Nedashkovsky. The event itself happened in late November, but began the amazing phenomenon of chain character. Nedashkovskiy has locked himself in his office on ulitsa Vetrova (attic floor). Because he has a personal toilet, sitting like the former President of “Energoatom” forever. The Secretary in turn satisfy his physiological needs like food and water, and not what you think. To him in turn come the leaders of the nuclear industry and solemnly swear to stand to the end, male bonding vows harsh clink of glasses. When women swear, then heard the cotton champagne corks. And here’s the result: right from the morning thousands of members of trade unions of nuclear workers pulled the yellow jackets to the building of the Cabinet to prevent the abuse of Nedashkovsky. At all nuclear stations of the country broken tent cities. They will be constantly on duty activists to prevent illegal change of top management.

In the course of fiery speeches near the “pigeon” (the Cabinet) has unexpectedly revealed that Yuri Nedashkovskiy – known Pro-Western Manager of the nuclear industry of the nation. From childhood he focused on the US, NATO and the EU. In her kindergarten essay Yura wrote that the prospect of NATO member makes sense of his future life. And so it was.
Taking the office of the President of “Energoatom” and finished it in the best traditions of Donetsk Baroque (gilded, Chinese table with a revolving top), lounge room with white leather furniture, Nedashkovskiy immediately started to diversify Ukraine’s dependence on supplies of Russian nuclear fuel. And achieved dramatic successes. Details were not disclosed, but David vazhaevich Zhvania will confirm that from year to year dependence is reduced, and the prices get bigger. Yes, ask anyone. At least Nikolay Martynenko. And you, too, can vouch for me. Especially focusing on the fact that the criminal case against him for “fraud” in the nuclear industry – heresy and the machinations of bad people. Special interests can listen to the recorded conversation now arrested in Aachen (Germany) Alexander Onishchenko Martynenko. From this it follows that Pyotr Poroshenko – washed PI…was trying to overcome the nuclear business with the Russians.

What he wants, according to the trade Union of nuclear industry, the government Alexey Goncharuk. You, on…on, will not believe: “to have the company Pro management”. This time. Second, “increase Ukraine’s dependence on Russia.” Did not even know that these cute “dove” of KM – Nefedov, Goncharuk, Milovanov, Orgel – puppets of the Kremlin. But nuclear scientists for some reason decided to make Nedashkovskiy typical representative of the family of the Soros Foundation. To put it mildly, they are exaggerating.

Nedashkovskiy has nothing to do with “coronatum”. He’s just a stupid p…dit money and does not prevent the nuclear industry is moderately to disburse funds in a relatively reasonable range. Yes, there were cases when US Ambassador Scarecrow the number of “Ferrari” and “Bentley” under the office of “Energoatom”. But it’s all in the past. Now, no “rolex” in the workplace. Worked up to five – can go to the club in a Porsche. And no you can’t have a bad word to say.

And that some Minister of energy of Ariel accuses “Energoatom” of all mortal sins, the incomprehensible failure to plan revenue and is trying to change the “eternal President”. Guarantor of all schemes in which not only who is involved. Almost everything except “sorozat”. Until recently they were not allowed to reactors. Well, who knows what… It’s not a dissertation on ukurkom to write, as the Minister Milovanov.Not a group to create a “Watts-up” for fact-checking an upcoming deadline with an illustration of the timing in PowerPoint. There are people in work. Can be…for sodomy.

But it seems that the candidacy of the new President of “Energoatom” already agreed upon in the U.S. Embassy. No doubt, it will be a “Saracenic”. Perhaps even a woman that will agree, very gender. In principle, the draft reform of “Energoatom” is already known. First of all, the aim will be to increase the number of women in the management of the company. There is the biggest problem. Always some yokels hanging near the reactors. Okay, time to end this barbarism. The benefit of BRDO in the office (the Office for democratic reforms) feminists and lesbians with unwashed heads a dime a dozen. The second important reform: veganism. To reduce environmental pollution all duty shifts at nuclear power plants should consist of vegans. Eating grains and other garbage stimulates the increase of labour productivity and constipation. The following sequence, but not least topic – global warming. All nuclear engineers should understand that we have to fight all the forces of Greta and to protect the future generation. Again, in the nuclear industry is not fully carried out decommunization. Scary to say, there are busts of Lenin. It is urgent to call each reactor some racially correct name. For example, the unit of the name of Bandera. NPP behalf of Shukhevych. Reactor “Division “Galicia”. It is quite another thing!

And finally, the most insignificant innovation – a complete transition to American nuclear fuel “Westinghouse”. Yes, many Ukrainian reactors “Soviet design” American Assembly does not climb. But if you screw with a sledgehammer, then any hex the damn thing will go in the square hole. There’s special skills is not necessary. Just went and welled. Well, all of us can only pray.

Alexander Zubchenko

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