Nur-Sultan at the festival of the nomads gathered 150 warriors

PHOTO : TASS / Shipitsin Cyril


Nur-Sultan, a festival of nomads. He collected one hundred and fifty warriors from different countries.

Their culture parties submit through the kitchen, music, dance and traditional sports. Your skills show the archers, the eagle hunters and fighters. But the most spectacular part of the festival – indicative fights of batyrs. Nomads brilliantly managed horses and a mastery of weapons.

“Come nomads from around the world. We learn something new about each other. This acquaintance, communication, touring new cities,” said a musician from Russia Turgen Kam.

“Interesting that even Bulgarians are taking part in these games. They called Bogatyri – it means warrior, hero, hero,” – said the President of the Academy of contemporary music Mongolia Dolgion of Baltinavas.
The festival is located in etrograde. Here the artisans have exhibited their work: dishes, national instruments and jewelry.

The festival will last three days. Entrance is free for visitors.