Nutritionists called the most useful beverage for intestinal

Диетологи назвали самый полезный напиток для кишечника

Nutritionists say that the most useful drink for gut – yogurt with fresh herbs.

A “medical cocktail” will help the gastrointestinal tract work like clockwork, reports Correspondent.

Experts recommend a pint of yogurt add dill and parsley and eat every morning and evening.

As is known, kefir, and other dairy products, has probiotic properties, i.e., has a beneficial effect on intestinal microflora and metabolic processes that occur in the body as a whole.

Its complex composition creates serious obstacles pathogenic flora in the intestine.

With regard to the healing properties of kefir, they are based on the bactericidal activity of lactic acid microorganisms, as well as the results of their activity against pathogens of tuberculosis and gastrointestinal diseases.

Also, yogurt has a calming, immune-stimulating and slight diuretic effect.

Kefir which is drunk at night, would lessen the feeling of hunger, and the load on the digestive organs, despite the late reception will be minimal.

Greens contain a lot of fiber, almost not digested and passes through the entire digestive tract, like a brush, Vineta harmful and unnecessary accumulation.

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