Nutritionists: Italian pasta helps to lose weight

Диетологи: Итальянская паста помогает похудеть

According to recent studies, Italian pasta may help with weight loss, according to The Daily Mail.

As the experiment showed, people who ate about three servings of pasta a week, dropped 500 grams in 12 weeks.

Unlike other starchy foods, pasta is a low glycemic index. So it does not cause spikes in blood sugar. And we know that foods with a low glycemic index promote saturation. This reduces overall caloric intake.

The researchers emphasize: one serving of pasta equals to around half a medium Cup of the finished dish. Excessive consumption of pasta will definitely lead to weight gain. For products with a high glycemic index include products with modified starch, dried fruit, potatoes, rice, bread, popcorn, muesli, watermelon, couscous, semolina, chocolate.

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