Nutritionists talked about the useful properties of brown rice

Doctors distinguish several basic unique properties of brown rice.

Дієтологи розповіли про корисні властивості коричневого рису

In many cultures, rice is considered a symbol of prosperity, beauty and fertility. That is why it is customary to throw rice on the newlyweds in the wedding day. Moreover, rice has a rich taste, so it is very often used for preparing various dishes, starting from appetizers and ending with desserts. And athletes and does almost daily include in a diet of this product, as it enriches the body micro-nutrients and fills you with energy needed for workouts. There are over ten thousand types of rice, which differ in color, size and grain shape, aroma and texture. Experts believe that the greatest value to man, it is brown rice. The fact is that the process handling this product saved bran and germ, along with b vitamins, calcium, magnesium and other useful minerals, reports Rus.Media.

Lowering cholesterol

Cholesterol is a substance that is produced in the body and is essential for its activity. It also may come together with food, and in its excessive accumulation begins the process of clogging and blockage of blood vessels. This leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Experts are convinced that oil, which is contained in brown rice, reduces the level of harmful cholesterol. Moreover, in this product in excess contains fiber, which normalizes digestion and normalizes liver function, allowing the body to effectively cope with the detoxification process and can increase the number of fatty acids at the expense of cholesterol.

Protection from cancer

Experimentally proved that the substances contained in brown rice help to strengthen the protective functions of the body, causing the cells to become resistant to damage and mutate. In other words, the body is able to prevent the occurrence of cancer formations.

The strengthening of the skeleton

Brown rice contains minerals, which are extremely important for a healthy skeleton and to strengthen it in the process of life. The composition of rice include magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. And only with the integrated use of these substances to achieve results. The fact is that without magnesium can’t properly absorb vitamin D, which, in turn, is used for the metabolism of calcium. Especially important to consume brown rice women during pregnancy to the fetus develop strong and healthy bones.

Weight loss

Nutritionists believe that people who are trying to lose weight, you should regularly include in your diet it brown rice. The fact that it contains a lot of dietary fiber, which help you maintain the feeling of satiety and reduce the risk of overeating. Moreover, the glycemic index of this product is much lower than the usual white rice. Accordingly, the level of sugar in the blood after servings of brown rice will rise very slowly, without creating stress on the body and causing the appearance of fatty deposits.

Protection of kidneys

The product has a mild diuretic action, so it helps to withdraw calcium from the kidneys. And accumulation of this mineral threatens the formation of stones and the development of serious diseases.

Support heart

Brown rice helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, and this gives you the ability to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Source of phytonutrients

Brown rice contains a lot of phytonutrients, which have a pronounced antioxidant properties. Accordingly, the regular use of this product will cleanse the body of toxins and toxic trace elements.

Reducing the risk of developing diabetes

Brown rice stabilizes the blood sugar levels, taking the pressure off the pancreas and preventing the development of diabetes. The conducted studies have shown that regular consumption of brown rice for five years reduces the risk of developing diabetes at sixty percent.

Help in the treatment of hypertension

Excess sodium in the body triggers an increased load on the cardiovascular system and vasoconstriction. Accordingly, hypertensive patients to avoid food with lots of sodium. The best alternatives to conventional cereals is brown rice.

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