Nutritionists told me how much you need to drink a coffee a day for weight loss

Диетологи рассказали, сколько необходимо выпивать кофе в день для похудения

Drink a Cup of coffee – a mandatory morning ritual for many people. However, not even all the coffee drinkers you know that this drink helps to lose weight.

There are many controversial studies on the benefits and dangers of coffee. However, it has been proven that coffee helps to Wake up and activates brain activity. Australian scientists in a recent study proved that coffee can help to get rid of extra pounds. In order to speed up the metabolism enough to drink two cups of coffee per day. Contained in the drink caffeine speeds up metabolism, allowing the person throughout the day burns more calories, even if physical exertion was no more. These data are also research scientists at king’s College London. So, according to them, due to caffeine people may additionally burn about 150 calories per day, not excluding from the diet familiar meals.

“It was also proven that drinking coffee before a workout can make a person more energetic during class . Caffeine helps to train actively for a longer time. Due to this, you also burn more calories,” adds nutritionist Linda foster.

Ho if you didn’t drink coffee before training, no problem – can do it after. After exercise coffee also contributes to additional calorie consumption, and besides, still and regeneration of muscles, slowing the breakdown of glycogen.


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