NYT: Giuliani said that has been known to Trump’s resignation Jovanovic

NYT: Джулиани сообщил, что было известно Трампу об отставке Йованович

Washington – Rudolph Giuliani (Rudolph Giuliani) said Monday that this year he gave the President the Trump detailed information on how the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, according to Giuliani, prevented the investigation that would meet the interests of trump, which began the process of recall of the Ambassador and her resignation.Giuliani, a personal lawyer of the President, said in an interview, he “couple of times” passed the Trump reports about how Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch (Marie Yovanovitch) prevented actions that could be politically useful Trump. It was in particular about the investigation of former Vice President Joseph Biden Jr., (Joseph Biden Jr.) and Ukrainians, distributed documents that discredited members of the electoral headquarters of the trump in 2016.According to Giuliani, the President, in turn, linked him to the Secretary of state Mike Pompeo (Mike Pompeo), who requested additional information. For several weeks in late April, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was withdrawn, and she was told that she has lost the confidence of trump.The circumstances of the resignation Jovanovic as the result of a smear campaign, partly organized by Rudolph Giuliani, were documented during testimony at the meeting of the Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives, where she was a key witness in the investigation conducted in the framework of the impeachment against trump. Giuliani made no secret that Trump had expressed their concerns about Jovanovic.But in his story, Giuliani gave an interview to the newspaper “new York times” (New York Times) on Monday evening, provided additional information that the President was aware of one episode of the campaign of pressure on Ukraine and that it involved him.An interview with Giuliani was held at a time when the House of representatives was preparing to vote Wednesday on the issue of declaring the Trump of impeachment. The articles of impeachment put forward by the Democrats, they accused the President of abuse of presidential power in order to force Ukraine to help it in political terms, but also in the obstruction of Congress by blocking the testimony of key officials. a few weeks, during which it heard testimony, Democrats brought the case, according to which trump has suspended military aid to Ukraine and dismissed its President in a meeting in the oval office, as he sought from the Ukrainian commitment to conduct investigations with the assistance of Giuliani.According to Giuliani, in the first months of the year in his conversations with the President he called jovanović person, preventing not only the investigation in Ukraine, which could benefit Trump, and Giuliani attempts to gather facts that would protect the trump — and speak out against its competitors in the United States.”There are a lot of reasons for her resignation,” said Giuliani, stating that the decision of trump and Pompeo to recall its Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, most likely, played the role of his meeting with them, during which he informed them.”I think this contributed to my information, he said. I have no idea. You will have to ask them. But they proceeded from this information.”He added that he advised the Trump or withdraw Pompeo Jovanovic. “I just told them the facts, he said. That is, if I believed that it should be withdrawn? I thought it should have fired”. He said, “If I were the Prosecutor, I would have kicked her out. I mean Secretary of state”.Testimony in the procedure of impeachment and other information indicate that the statements Giuliani against Jovanovic were either unsubstantiated or taken out of context. In an interview, he talked about himself as a person who personally participated in trying to “deal” with a career diplomat, dismissing her, around the time when it considered the scheme of cooperation of some Ukrainians, and they passed him the information.Giuliani said the President and Pompeo, that Jovanovic prevents the issuance of U.S. visas to Ukrainian prosecutors, depriving them of the opportunity to come to the US to present evidence to him and the Federal authorities. This evidence, he argued, could compromise Biden and his son hunter Biden, and Ukrainians who disseminated the documents that caused the resignation of Paul Manafort (Paul Manafort), Chairman of the electoral headquarters of the trump during the presidential campaign of 2016.Giuliani also argued, based on his own conversations with the prosecutors that Marie Yovanovitch tried to hinder the investigation in Ukraine. And he gave not entirely certain of the assertion that she spoke badly about the President.”In my opinion, in a conversation with the President, I pointed out a couple of times, I reported to the President that I learned about the visa denials, said Giuliani, as well as reported on the allegations that she ordered one Ukrainian Prosecutor to close the case. “Maybe I passed, maybe not, shared the rumors that the Embassy was considered a kind of uncontrolled politically biased, biased by the Embassy, but it was, like, total rumors, I didn’t report it as fact.”In an article published Monday in the newspaper “new Yorker” (The New Yorker) quoted Giuliani, who said that he needed to “take out” Jovanovic, and that she was “all interfered in the investigation”.Marie Yovanovitch, who devoted 33 years of diplomatic service, in the framework of the procedure of impeachment has provided testimony, stating that Giuliani contributed to a smear campaign against her, based on what she called indecent lie. The state Department’s actions, it is called a surrender to the demands of the President to withdraw it.There is no evidence that she made a disparaging remark about trump. There is no evidence that she made a list of persons in respect of whom must stop the harassment, as once claimed one of the prosecutors, Giuliani served as sources of information.But, according to Giuliani on Monday, information about it, which he distributed, it seems, sparked interest in the United States in the highest echelons of power and forced trump to attract (cooperation), Mike Pompeo.In an interview with “new York times,” Giuliani said after he informed trump of prosecutors, the President said, “Or “we’ll discuss it with Mike”, or “tell this thing t-Shirt””. According to Giuliani, he can’t remember, “did he ask me to call him or him call me — but he brought us together, so that Pompeo could analyze it and make conclusions.”The Giuliani story about the telephone conversations with Pompeo, apparently, is confirmed by the emails provided by the state Department, the liberal monitoring group which filed a lawsuit on public access to information. In the emails, they say, at least two telephone conversations between the two men, held in late March, one of which took place under the guidance of a personal assistant to trump.Giuliani said Pompeo asked him if he had any information in writing, so Giuliani sent him a chronological record of events related to some of the statements in relation Jovanovic, job Biden on Ukraine and other issues.According to Giuliani, Pompeo subsequently requested more information, so he got someone to pass to Pompeo’s office an envelope containing a few notes with a detailed record of the statements made by two Ukrainian prosecutors in the course of interviews conducted in January, Giuliani and his aides. Earlier it was reported about the existence of these notes, and that Giuliani was counting on the fact that Pompeo will give them to investigators of the state Department and the FBI as one of the reasons for the investigation in the United States, which may be in the interests of the trump.”I thought it was a really smart man, and he was going to see that there’s more, ‘ said Giuliani, referring to Mike Pompeo. And then he will assign the case to the FBI, and maybe they will take it from him and then it won’t look like I impose it to the FBI, seek to do it”.One of the conversations, described in detail in the notes sent to Mike Pompeo, was on the phone with Victor Shokin, the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, which the state Department denied a visa. According to the testimony in the investigation in the framework of the impeachment, he was denied a visa because he allegedly squandered the money allocated to the General Prosecutor’s office of the United States as an aid for the programme for the fight against corruption.According to the testimony of state Department official George Kent (George Kent), Shokin “I wanted to come to the US to report information pointing to corruption in the American Embassy.” “Knowing Shokin, I was fully convinced that this is utter nonsense, and he basically wanted to participate in this fraudulent trick out of revenge, because he had just lost his job”.Another Prosecutor of Ukraine, Yuri Lutsenko, in January, went to new York, where for two days a few hours with him talked to Giuliani, and the information he reported was included in the notes to Mike Pompeo.Giuliani’s actions in Ukraine carefully reviews Federal prosecutors trying to determine whether he violated laws requiring Americans to publicly disclose information when they are representing the interests of government officials or communicate with journalists in the foreign policy interests of the foreign state.However, this month, Giuliani flew to Europe, where (as first reported by “the new York Tpims”) dated someone of the same Ukrainian prosecutors in order to gather more information to try to “ruin” case of impeachment, including by means of a series of programs on a conservative cable channel.Donald trump said that Giuliani will report on the information received to the attorney General William Barr (William Barr) and Congress.Giuliani has shared some information gathered during a trip with trump but as I said on Monday, the President, speaking to reporters, he said “not too much”. He added that Giuliani “knows what he’s doing”.Comment on conversations with trump on the report on the results of his last visit, Giuliani refused. According to him, to Barr, he did not mention it. On information received he spoke with “several” members of Congress, he said, but to name them has refused, having explained it to that “everything is strictly confidential.”

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