NYT: the FBI Director admitted mistakes in the procedure of surveillance of the trump Advisor

NYT: директор ФБР признал ошибки в процедуре слежки за советником Трампа

Washington — James Komi (James B. Comey), former Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), on Sunday was forced to admit he was wrong when he said that was no problem getting warrants to conduct surveillance with respect to one of the advisers to the trump presidential bid in 2016.This recognition on the part of Mr. Komi, who has previously strongly defended himself and his Department from large-scale allegations of political conspiracy against Mr. trump, was made after Michael Horowitz (Michael E. Horowitz), the inspector General of the Ministry of justice has published a report which criticized the hasty and inadequate process in the course of the FBI investigation of the relations between Russia and assistants of the electoral headquarters of the trump in 2016.”I was wrong, said Mr. Komi said on Sunday the program of the channel “Fox news”. Inspector General found significant errors, not so easy to dismiss. It’s actually very important.”The report listed “17 significant inaccuracies and omissions” in the documents that the FBI submitted to the court to justify the conduct of surveillance against Paige Carter (Carter Page), which for a time was foreign policy adviser at the campaign headquarters of Mr. trump. However, the report does not say anything about political bias.Mr. Komi Republic, of which Mr. trump fired in may 2017, has previously said that the events concerning Mr. Paige were “thoughtful and responsible way” at a time when he was the Director of the FBI.However, the report published by the inspector General indicated that the FBI, among other omissions, are not reported to the Ministry of justice that Mr. Paige for many years to provide information to the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) about their previous contacts with official Russian persons, and this circumstance, perhaps, would have made his story less suspicious. Overall, the report notes that, in the opinion of the inspector General, “many submitted data were inaccurate, incomplete, or unsupported by relevant documents,” but on their basis a request was made for permission to conduct wiretaps.Mr. trump has used this recognition to Mr. Komi Republic in order to come down on him with harsh criticism.”So, now Komi admits he was wrong — the President wrote trump on his Twitter feed. — Wow! However, it does so only because he was caught red-handed. Actually caught him a long time ago. But what are the consequences of its illegal actions? Maybe it will be a long prison sentence? And where, Jim, apologize to my address, as well as other people?”However, Mr. Komi said that the inspector General found no evidence of more serious charges of political bias and “deep state” conspiracy, and that the charges that Mr. trump and his allies had made against the FBI in 2016.The inspector General defended the FBI and said that the Agency proved its honesty and apolitical, although its work had “shortcomings.””The inspector General found no evidence of misconduct by FBI employees, he found no political bias or illegal behavior,” said Mr. Komi. Speaking about statements by Mr. trump that are often heard on the channel “Fox news”, he said: “the American people, especially your viewers, need to understand that they were given false information about the FBI.”

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