NZZ: “the hardest job in the world” — the new head of the European Commission to unite the divided Europe

NZZ: «самая тяжёлая работа в мире» — новой главе Еврокомиссии предстоит объединить разобщённую Европу

The position of the head of the European Commission is “the hardest job in the world”, writes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, referring to the words of the previous Minister Jean-Claude Juncker. Now it officially takes place Ursula von der Leyen. As the newspaper notes, it will have to put a lot of effort to implement at least part of their plans, since within the EU there is no unity of opinions.
Late in the month Ursula von der Leyen finally comes into the position of head of the European Commission, writes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Her predecessor, Jean-Claude Juncker noted that “the hardest job in the world.”As the newspaper notes, post von der Leyen difficult because she will have to negotiate with the European Parliament and the EU Council to implement its intent. However, the new European Parliament is divided: the traditional left and right parties now occupy less than half. To create a majority coalition very difficult. In addition, there is no unity of interests and different EU countries, as seen in the example of climate policies: a von der Leyen wants to 2050 to cut carbon emissions to zero. The same goal of Juncker, but could not implement it due to opposition from the Eastern European States.As the newspaper notes, the position of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary have not changed: they fear that climate measures may harm their economies. Von der Leyen will have to solve the question of how to convince them otherwise. A possible solution could be a large monetary compensation, however, to reconcile this amount in the budget will be difficult due to the resistance of donor countries such as Germany and the Netherlands.In addition to climate, there are a number of controversial areas, writes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Among them, migration policy, enlargement, and slowing economic growth. The publication notes that von der Leyen will have to demonstrate a significant art of persuasion, as well as talent negotiations, in order to realize at least part of their plans.

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