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The canadian players that go out in the repechage of the NFL are a rare commodity. When it is a receiver of passes, which receives the call in the second round, it is almost a paranormal phenomenon. This is what was experienced yesterday evening Chase Claypool, British Columbia.

Clayppol, a native of Abbotsford, has been the choice of the Pittsburgh Steelers at 49th rank. With 150 receptions in four seasons at the prestigious University of Notre Dame, he finished seventh overall in the program’s history. It was also the first canadian-born player to join the Fighting Irish since the middle linebacker Bill Mitoulas, in 1994.

The selection of a recipient of the canadian in the second round of the draft the NFL is an event in itself. In fact, the last time was in 1998, when Jerome Pathon had been a choice of the second round of the Colts to Indianapolis.

Claypool is a recipient format giant at 6 feet 4 inches and 229 lbs. Before the draft, it was even suggested that it be transformed into a tight end at the next level. However, at the evaluation camp for the NFL combine in Indianapolis in February, he made eyebrows with a time of 4,42 s over 40 yards.

Claypool has become the canadian player drafted the highest since the blocker Danny Watkins, the Philadelphia Eagles, with the 23rd choice in 2011.

Another rush to the recipients

The second round has definitely been turned toward the attack. The day before, in the first round, no fewer than six recipients of passes had been sold, setting the tone for what is described as the vintage of a historical depth to this position.

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The recipient of the University of Clemson, Tee Higgins, did not have to wait long, for he was drafted by the Bengals with the first choice (33rd overall) of the second round.

This hunt to the recipients continued of more beautiful in the second round with the other seven recipients chosen to start with Tee Higgins to open the ball for the Bengals stroke the 33rd choice. A level later, the Colts the imitated building on Michael Pittman Jr. These are two big guys who excel in the movement.

The Jaguars attempted a big shot by putting the hand on the dynamic Laviska Shenault 42nd overall. Aligned everywhere on the field at the University of Colorado, he could become a weapon to do everything for a team that lacks punch.

Even the Broncos joined the honors in capturing the 46 rank KJ Hamler, a receiver explosive, the ones who had also stopped their choice on a receiver (Jerry Jeudy) in the first round.

The holders are the odds

The second round was also that of the carriers of the ball. The Lions were the first to crack down in this chapter, ranked 35th, in opting for Andre Swift, of the University of Georgia, a veritable factory of half offensive over the years.

But Swift was only the first of a massive wave. During the second round, four other carriers (Jonathan Taylor with the Colts, Cam Akers with the Rams, JK Dobbins with the Ravens and AJ Dillon with the Packers) were selected.

Of the lot, it will be necessary to monitor Dobbins, who added to the ground attack completely overwhelming the Ravens. He will join Mark Ingram and quarterback ultra athletic Lamar Jackson. Taylor, with the Colts, is a player who has had two seasons of over 2000 yards on the ground at the University of Wisconsin. A monster, all in power and speed!

Beautiful catches

The surprise of the evening was the selection of quarterback Jalen Hurst, in 53rd place, by the Eagles. They rely already on the young Carson Wentz, but this one has suffered her share of injuries and Hurts could be integrated to the attack in several ways, he is an exceptional athlete.

On the defensive side of the ball, the marauders have had the odds with Xavier McKinney in the home of the Giants (36th), Kyle Dugger for the Patriots (37th), Grant Delpit with the Browns (44th), Antoine Wimfield Jr in the Buccaneers (45th) and Jeremy Chinn for the Panthers (64th).

The head coach of the Patriots, Bill Belichick, was attacked on the day 2 of its last chance in the company of his dog.

Always in the defensive, the flight potential of the evening could have been achieved by the Bills, who have put their hands on the powerful defensive end a. j. Epenesa (Iowa), at the 54th position.

At the time of going to press, the third round began. Rounds 4 to 7 are held at noon, today, to conclude this virtual edition of the draft.

Another Canadian

In the third round, another canadian player has been sold, in the 82nd row, by the Dallas Cowboys. The tackle Neville Gallimore, a native of Ottawa, was shown at the university of Oklahoma. In four seasons with the Sooners, he has amassed 147 tackles, including 17 for losses.

It is the fourth time in the history of the draft of the NFL that two Canadians were selected in the first three rounds. In 2011, Danny Watkins and Orlando Franklin had been elected in the first and second round. In 2005, Nick Kaczur and OJ Atogwe had been selections of the third round. Two years earlier, Nate Burleson and Teyo Johnson had been chosen in the second and third round. Finally, in 1986, Mike Schad and Markus Koch had been the choice of the first and second round.


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