Obamagate: the republican senators opposed an investigation

Obamagate: les sénateurs républicains opposés à une enquête

Donald Trump was not going to be satisfied with the intervention of William Barr virus in the folder of Michael Flynn.

The attorney general of the United States has come under sharp criticism after it asked that you drop the charges against the former national security adviser. Hundreds of alumni of the department of Justice, veterans administrations, democrat and republican, have demanded the departure of William Barr because of his assaults are repeated against the rule of law.

Among the voices heard to denounce the intervention, we found that of Barack Obama. It was not necessary any more for Donald Trump tweeting furiously. If the application of Barr allows him once again to scream at the witch-hunt, he did not fail to add to the controversy. He denounced the attempts of his predecessor to prevent his election.

As is so often the case when it comes to Obama, the charges of Trump are without merit. If I have not commented on the accusation either Sunday or Monday, it is that I judged that it was not worth the shot. This latest attack is just as ridiculous as the fake debate around the place of birth of the first black president.

I recall in passing that the supporters of Hillary and many other democrats had criticized president Obama after the victory of Donald Trump. He was accused of having been too discreet about the investigation surrounding the relatives of the republican candidate.

If James Comey had not bothered to intervene two times in the folder of the emails of Ms. Clinton, we regret that the president has preferred to refrain from comment for fear of being accused of partisanship. Why write a post on this subject this afternoon, if I consider that these accusations are ridiculous, it serves only to distract attention from the problems of the administration? First to respond to the readers of the blog who support the president and believe that I am unaware of any “log-rolling” democrats, but, more importantly, to clarify that even the elected republicans will not support their president in this folder.

The leader, republican McConnell may well say that Barack Obama “would have had to close it”, there will be no sequel at the request of the president Trump. It was interesting to listen to republicans around the questions of the journalists on this point. If they say all understand the frustration of the president, none of them ventured to support his / her request.

We are accustomed to the exaggerations of Donald Trump and has “delivered the goods” one more time in this folder. The crime committed by Obama would be the worst of the political history of the american! Watergate? The small beer…

When journalists have asked the president to clarify the nature of this terrible crime that he accuses his predecessor, Donald Trump wanted to respond that it was a no-brainer and that everyone should know what it returns.

Should you continue to closely follow this story? Do we need to be on the alert in anticipation of a real scandal by the November election? It should never exclude a surprise, especially not in a context as volatile as that of the COVID-19, but this surprise will not be from a conspiracy linked to the Obama administration.

When we know how the elected republicans have declined to condemn the assertions of the most crazy or the most controversial of their president, the restraint they have shown yesterday can be seen as further evidence of the lack of seriousness of the charges.

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