October 14 the Intercession of the Holy virgin. How to properly celebrate this holiday

2017-10-12 12:50

October 14 the Intercession of the Holy virgin. How to properly celebrate this holiday
The intercession of the virgin is the most important event of the Orthodox world in October.

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The intercession of the virgin is the most important event of the Orthodox world in October, reports Rus.Media. This holiday is celebrated everywhere because it is among the most important for all believers.

October 14 — nepheredema date. This means that the Intercession of the Mother of God is celebrated from year to year on the same day. The occasion is considered to be one of the 12 main Orthodox events of the year.

The history of the holiday

More than a thousand years ago in Constantinople were expecting a siege of the city. The majority of townspeople gathered in the main Church at night to pray for his salvation. Of course, their prayers were answered, but the main thing is not that the prayers were answered. The main thing — the miracle that occurred under the dome of the temple.

When in the great hall of the people prayed, directly above the altar opened the gates of Paradise. Of white light came out of the blessed virgin Mary, which under the hands of the sages and the saints, in which the Whacky Andrew and his disciple Epiphanius found out John the Baptist and John the Evangelist. Around the virgin and accompanied her elders were hundreds of angels.

Then the virgin Mary began to pray with people, removing the head covering, which seemed to have covered praying in the temple. Then, after some time the light began to disappear and disappeared altogether. This miracle was recorded in the annals, and later in his honor was established the feast of the Intercession of the Holy virgin. He is still celebrated as in Europe, so we — Christians, Catholics and Protestants.

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As noted by the Intercession of the Holy virgin

There are many traditions that are done from year to year for almost a thousand years.

October 14, the people rejoice because the holiday itself is very light, but also joy in my heart should be humility, love and respect for God. Even small children have been visited the temple along with his family, to bow before the Virgin Mary and God.

People pray not only in Church but also at home, reading the most important prayers: the creed, the “our father”, “Live aid”, and a simple prayer especially for the day of Intercession. Here is one of them: “Surrounded by angels in the light of God, together with the prophets and apostles accept You, mother of God, our unworthy prayers. And now visiting us, Your servants, pray to Christ God lady, to grant us great mercy.”

The Cover is normally sent in a lengthy trip on vacation, believing that the Deputy will cover with his mantle and save us from troubles in transit;

October 14, accepted to forgive the offenders, enemies, and also to help the poor and needy.

This day has long been celebrated wedding. On the Cover of remembered prayers of love and love signs.

And today, the feast of the Intercession remember all faithful Christians. And even if you visit a Church, try not to argue in such an important and bright day with loved ones and remember the purity of the mind.

Read prayers this day, do good and live righteously. Every good man worthy of God’s mercy. We wish you good luck and that your prayers were answered.