Odatv: “the NATO brain dead” in 1991

Odatv: «мозг НАТО умер» еще в 1991 году

Recently, the President of France, macron said that NATO has been brain dead, and this statement caused a wide resonance.Whether the brain is NATO dead? Yes, but this diagnosis is not new, says the macron.Brain dead NATO occurred in 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. Since then, the existence of NATO is supported by artificial life support, and those who created NATO in favor of their interests do not want to disconnect them from the organization.If the brain dead NATO, then the question arises: who and when completely block NATO oxygen, and how will it affect us?The purpose of NATO, according to official doctrines, is the security of countries on both sides of the Atlantic, and the need for this organization arose after the Second world war to counter the Soviet Union, which was seen as a threat, as well as its satellites. With the collapse of the Soviet Union disappeared as the threat and the raison d’être of NATO. Then there was brain death organization, but all this time NATO has supported their own life at the expense of artificially created threats.Why the United States created NATOAfter the Second world war in the world, a bipolar system. On the one hand, the Atlantic structure in the U.S., based on a liberal economy, but rather kontrplak headed by the Soviet Union.According to the American officials, in these circumstances, the United States, aimed at the reconstruction of the world in accordance with their interests, has created a new world order and new institutions based on liberal economy and free trade. And NATO was the organization that served the interests of this new world order created by the United States and to U.S. interests.After the end of the cold war, the US tried to maintain the life of NATO, creating an artificial threat, and to use the organization outside of the traditional task pane. After September 11, 2001 even were first applied to the fifth article of the North Atlantic Treaty, NATO was entrusted with the mission in Afghanistan.Because the United States and in the period after the cold war believed that the perception of Russia as a threat and the continued existence of NATO in their interests, they turned to the Alliance of former members of the Warsaw Pact and continually expand NATO to the East.And today the US is trying to encircle Russia on a new front chain such as the Baltic countries — Poland — Romania — Bulgaria — Black sea — Turkey — Transcaucasia — Afghanistan, and force Russia to retaliate.In the current geopolitical conditions, the position of such key NATO members like France, Germany that are far enough away from the lines of the new front and not regard Russia as a threat, as well as Turkey, which have friendly relations with Russia, worries the United States. NATO needs to continue to ensure the functioning of the military-industrial complex. To do this, Russia must continue to be perceived as a threat.Relations of Turkey — NATOgeopolitical conditions of the cold war, Turkey as a NATO member was fully involved in the strategy of the Alliance. In that period, Turkey was recognized as a European country, which takes responsibility for the security of South-Eastern Europe.Today we are dealing with other geopolitical conditions. Turkey in NATO is considered a middle Eastern country, which because of its important geographical position as a buffer between the unstable Middle East and Europe.In addition, Turkey has a special significance for US, as it is located in the major region in the chain of encirclement of Russia by NATO. But due to the strategic partnership that Turkey is developing with Russia, she has to face attempts of pressure from the United States to resist them.Who will be the global leader to the end of the XXI century will determine the struggle between the power centers of the Atlantic, Eurasia and the Asia-Pacific region. The day when the US will lose its global leadership, NATO will be disconnected from artificial life support.Who will do it? Only time will tell.

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