Ode to the suckers

Ода лохам

Indeed, the sucker is destiny. As rode svidomye and not to select “new power”. Bigger than on the Maidan. The slogan “to Oust Poroshenko” at some time joined the Vinnitsa potato merchant merchandiser with Kharkiv, Odessa landlords ― hipster with the Kiev, Kherson plumbing ― with Dnipropetrovsk Sorochenko. Even had to hear that “Pro-Russian Zelensky with Smeshko Pro-Russian and Pro-Russian regions will gather the constitutional majority.” And the rabbit in the hat, and Ukraine — the Eurasian Union. And in fact warned the good people that sponsor the ATO does not work friends of Putin, and clowns statesmen. But how many from the ancient Trypillians rake no hide, they still have hopak dance.

Pam yatai, Ukrainian, here gospodar cuzineti

Cave Nazism and the desire to sell povygodnee his carcass, decent prostitutes to the ring, coexist in the minds of Ukrainian, there is a great mystery. But “night butterflies” at least get your craft money. Ukraine itself is paid by the customer, grabbing him by the coattails, “Take everything, just take the family of European Nations”.

It would seem that two maidans should be enough. The result cheerfully leap “with gmem to Wust” (accent of the reader put himself) the country has lost a good third of the population, almost the entire industry, medicine, education, science, etc. the Natural tendency of have not lost the survival instinct of the body — to keep at least what is left. Fat, for example. But there it was.

Zelensky, who voted 75 percent of the citizens of the country, during the election campaign made no secret that he intends to sell the last remaining Ukraine a valuable asset ― land. What could be more logical than to listen to the candidate’s ears? The same ones who at 73 percent against lifting the moratorium on sale of farmland. But this is not the Ukrainian way. Need druzhnenko to vote, and then put the Verkhovna Rada pig. And to sing the national anthem, of course.

Gloating is a sin, but I can see walking through the fields Cargill and Monsanto Tyahnybok with a sign: “Mi have their God deny the country”. And behind him a crowd of suckers, whining sadly: “In rdnm edge panuvati not to Damo”. However, only as long as corn and rapeseed will not occur and American protection of these patriots of the independent “from the Xiang to the don,” to work is not overclocking.

From dead pigs ears

Whatever Poroshenko, but neither he nor any of his predecessors did not dare to lift the moratorium on land sales. Despite the overtly comprador policies of the Kiev regimes, the preservation of land in public ownership, creating the illusion of “caring about people” and building though frail, but still independent state, oriented towards people. And any goof could, pounding myself blakytnym yellow-ensign in the chest, to talk about “their land” and “his power”.

In this case any sucker who wanted lace panties and the EU, even in the moment of the notorious “European integration” will inevitably end and loss of land under their feet. Other options simply did not exist. But everything is very transparent.

Look at the structure of Ukraine’s economy. In 1990 in the engineering industry employed more than forty percent of the total industrial potential of the Republic, and the produced products take up 31 percent in the structure of industrial production of the USSR. Now this figure is ten percent of GDP. Disappeared following sectors: shipbuilding, aircraft, missile, aerospace and automotive industry.

Oh, sorry, we’re an agricultural superpower. And even the figures are growing, as reports once entrenched in the Cabinet liquidation Commission. However, the volume of export of vegetable products was 93.1 per cent., and livestock of 6.9 percent. of agricultural products. Buy Ukraine corn, which share is 43.3 percent. of total exports, oil — 20.8 and oilseeds is 10.5. Excuse me, but how “the sky is the first corn” with ensign? There is no longer that of corn. And even potatoes. For 10 months of 2019, the Ukraine increased imports of potatoes in 11 times, plums, peaches, cherries and cherries — twice, onions — three times. And for the season 2018/2019 years (August ― July), the import of vegetables has increased in real terms more than doubled. The key items of the imports of vegetables to Ukraine in terms of value were tomatoes, onions, peppers and cucumbers. The volume of imports the lead for the first time in the history of the seized onion — 87 thousand tons, which is 26 times more than the previous season. Also in August 2018 — July 2019 was imported 66 tons of tomatoes, 18.3 thousand tons of marketable potatoes, 14,7 thousand tons of cucumbers, 11.8 thousand tons of pepper, 9.5 thousand tons of various types of cabbage and 7.5 thousand tons of carrots.

Even “national treasure” — the fat — imported from Poland and Germany. In 2018 compared to 2017, imports of pork increased 5.2 times, while export decreased by 64.1 percent. This year, pork imports by four percent more than in the same period last year. In the framework of the free trade agreement before the end of the year, within the quota, the country can go another 5.5 thousand tons of pork from the EU. And the Ukraine pigs are dying. In 2019 there were fewer than 6 million is Still less than the Ukrainians. And in 1990, Ukraine had 19.4 million pigs.

The life of a loan

“Yes, sho is?”, merely has to ask Loh. Yes, everything is clear, if to read books, and not on the Maidan ride. To buy something unnecessary, you must first sell something unnecessary. Simply put, by entering into treaties with the “civilized world” must know that the world is not to sell. And when the Fuckers in spite of the Muscovites destroyed our economy, you can only sell yourself. Along with the national anthem and ensign in the load, which in Poland already beat the muzzle. So, in fact, happening. From 30 to 60 percent of all economic “growth” Ukraine is on the remittances of migrant workers.

And growing debt. Generation of gadgets and lace panties easier to take pictures, because just show. It is the dynamics of growth of debts of Ukraine after profuse discharge of a gidnost.

Ода лохам

And this is the number of payments for debt service.

Ода лохам

In 2019 it will need to be removed and put about $ 6 billion. It would be easier, of course, earn them, but the Fuckers not looking for easy ways. Importantly, with the “aggressor” not to cooperate, and that consequently the trade balance “eats” of GDP, it’s the lyrics. And completely inaccessible to the great mind of the average genuca. Importantly, in Europe to go and not collapse. By the way, a curious detail: in 2005, when by inertia continued pre-Maidan economic trends, was the last year with a positive balance of foreign trade.

Ода лохам

There is nothing to sell, because it is necessary to sell the land. To this were long. As reported canadian website Global Research, the IMF included in the agreement on granting Ukraine loans the requirement to provide the leading producers of GMO “DuPont” and “Monsanto” right on “biotechnological processing of the earth.” Commits to plant GMOs and article 404 of the Association Agreement with the EU.

Horses, according to the figurative expression of the unforgettable Ivanyushchenko, “lit like kittens.” In the adopted BP the bill does not limit the ability of the buying of land by foreigners, of which nothing hinders to register a Ukrainian legal entity or to acquire the coveted hectares on Ukrainian residents. Song Zelensky on the referendum — joke clown. Legislation on referendums in Ukraine, as there was no and no.

Kitty, we are strangers in this celebration of life

Red was robbed, robbed blue, orange-brown robbed, Rob green, too. Where to go to the poor peasant? In the city. But remember, the industry is no longer there, for trading, you will need the availability of money from consumers, is that activists and patriots to go. Or field Polish and Russian construction. For agricultural superpower name “Cargill” and “Monsanto” are unnecessary even those measly 25-30 million citizens from the remaining 53, who lived in the nenke in 1991.

And after all, no one to blame. Fuckers did it to yourself, desiring to “live in France”, to have “pensions in Germany”, “salaries in Luxembourg” and “socialism in Sweden”, but the coffee at the Vienna Opera house to drink. That for this it is necessary to work in Japan and to preserve what is left of the “aggressor”, they head somehow did not come.

Election Zelensky — the apotheosis swept the country schizophrenia. Not built in real life, even dog kennels and tussaudes the corporate clown has naturally become the worst option of the President. He and his government sorozat completed a course of doctors nor the country nor the people are not connected. Turnu it after the final sale of Ukraine — he will go back for the corporate events. Fortunately, Julia had already invites. And the fees likely will increase. Still not some ordinary clown, and the former President.

I don’t know what can you expect from dummy, but “Jake halo, Taku th was sedibelo”. Without abandoning maydanizma, stupidity of any ideology Poroshenko elected in his place will be Poroshenko. Once again waiting for the “miracle” Fuckers not only preserved ruin, “European integration”, Nazism and war, but waited for the seizure of land from underneath their own trousers. Nothing over Klitschko, calling to prepare the ground, laughing. He knew.

And yet, characteristically, the more Ukraine loses, the fatter the celebration of the “famine.” But Loch hawala.

Olga Of Kiev

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