Odessa: They can’t stop the battle of the monuments. It will not stop the war

Одесса: Они не могут остановить битву памятников. Не остановят и войну

Voluntarily (though under the guise of security forces) the dismantling of bas Georgi Zhukov at the former Odessa military district has caused him “battle memorials”.After the nationalists smeared with red paint another commemorative plaque to the great commander, this time on the building on novoselskogo street, where Zhukov led the County in the postwar years.

Одесса: Они не могут остановить битву памятников. Не остановят и войну

And the next night shattered was discovered a plaque in honor of the deceased may 2, 2014 the foreman of the Right sector, Igor Ivanov.

Одесса: Они не могут остановить битву памятников. Не остановят и войну

Одесса: Они не могут остановить битву памятников. Не остановят и войну

And now attention! Remember, I recently wrote about the difference between normal citizens and bonehouse-fascist? That anyone can, with impunity, to cripple, kill or throw in jail, only calling him a separatist? And that trashing the monuments of the vandals guarded by the police?

So in the first case, no reaction from the authorities was not followed — a long-lost fear of the nationalists themselves exhibited photos created abominations in social networks and boasted of their deeds. No one thought to bring the bastards to at least administrative responsibility Board washed living next door to a memorable sign to Odessa.But in the second case (when the split Board pravoseku) on the scene immediately came investigative team, “five motorcycles with machine-guns to catch the Professor” — and it’s all. The police immediately reported the criminal case under article “Hooliganism”. Rose the universal wail. Nationalists announced the fundraiser “behind the head” break the Board man (maybe she fell?), offering her ten thousand.

Одесса: Они не могут остановить битву памятников. Не остановят и войну

And later to call up the killer on the allowance Sergey Sternenko, offering two thousand hryvnia, and the same killer Sergei Hodiak, who promised to allocate to “capture the Professor” plus another five thousand.

And none of the law enforcement officers are not asked what they were going to do with this citizen-incognito — still alive to get in jail or dead?..

Why, exactly? They can do anything. Odessans, in turn, made a collective claim in court with the requirement to understand with illegal dismantle of the relief of Marshal of the Victory. And on the same day the nationalists — again! — defeated memorial on the Kulikovo field in memory of those killed in the House of trade unions Odessites.

Not hiding, in broad daylight, in front of passers — wreaths, portraits, lamps, flowers, gathered in a heap and set on fire.

However, soon the citizens have restored the memorial — the flowers are here all year round and around the clock. But after all this the question arises. Why not stop time and forever memorable this legal mess? Why ordinary people who have no relationship to power, sue and draw attention to what is happening?

But not one public official has never taken the initiative to punish the vandals. After all, not ordinary people must produce documents on the illegality of the proceeding, and the leaders of the city, region, security forces, the chief of police…

Yes, because it is conceived. They are not going to stop the actions of these criminals.

Although there is just not women and children on May 9 flowers drive, and to attract at least one fascist NIT — hands behind the back, in the site, the Protocol, the court.

But if all these political impotents do not want to stop the war memorial plaques, it is pointless to think that they can stop a civil war.

That’s part of the plan.

Only one thing I want to remind you, the eternal, Bulgakov: “Shvonder is the greatest fool. He doesn’t understand what Balls to him more formidable threat than it is for me. Well, now he is trying to SIC him on me, not realizing that if someone in turn will set the ball on the Shvonder, it will remain only horns Yes legs”.

And who needs to turn a ball of filth back in the dog?.. Think, look for answers. Or, again, the local commentators, well-fed, comfortable sofas, which is not threatened every second prison, empty claims on top of me — a woman with a child?

Tatiana Gerashchenko