“Odnushka” dreams: how to rent an apartment, then to not regret

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Nicholas kostyushin

The cheapest rental apartments in the CIS countries and Georgia – Azerbaijan. To remove “odnushku” in the sleeping district of Baku, will cost $ 140. In Armenia the price is already higher – $ 150 per month, In Kyrgyzstan – 170. In Kazakhstan the prices for rent of apartments has decreased by 15-20%. For example, “odnushka” in a residential area of the capital costs 300-350 dollars a month. “The trend in the housing rental market is going to decline, because now the government offers different programs for people with minimum down payment to buy an apartment,” – said a leading engineer for a real estate company Zarina Orazbay-Hase.

In the capitals of Belarus and Georgia rental housing is $ 250. And in Tbilisi rent for the last year has risen by 13%. Prices are rising in Russia. In Moscow, they increased by 12% to 580 dollars (37.5 thousand). Against this background, increasingly the question arises how you can save on rental housing, reports the correspondent of “MIR 24” Vladislav Ryabov.

According to experts, the cost of renting apartments in Moscow has not changed for more than four years. Price fluctuations are mainly seasonal. To look for housing it is best in early summer when demand is the lowest: the students dispersed for the holidays on native cities, and appeared on the market suggestions from pensioners who want to pass a city apartment at the time of departure to the country.

Rental rate will decrease as the distance from the town centre and nearest metro station. But it is necessary to calculate how much time and money you’ll spend on the road. A better offer can be found in any area.

“Basically, the price change is within 5 thousand rubles, depending on the proximity to the metro. Sometimes in the range of 10 thousand rubles, but there are a number of factors – furniture, appliances, repairs. You can see complexes of buildings, which only entered into operation. There are a lot of proposals from the owners. They all receive the keys and rent these apartments. Accordingly, because of the abundance of offers below cost,” said the economist, real estate expert Yuri Bedusenko.

Think about what you definitely will need to rent. Regardless of the area most profitable to rent an ’empty’ apartment without furniture and with a minimum of equipment. If you can’t part with your beloved sofa and going to take a long time – this is an option for you. Maybe you should try and format “fix up and live.”

“If you have small capital and you plan to rent for a long period of time, you can see “dead” flat poor repair. “Cosmetics” can be done cheap. To invest about 200 thousand rubles, and it will be a normal repair with furniture. Accordingly, you shoot cheap, make repairs, make a contract for 5 years, register the contract and live peacefully”, – said Yuri Bedusenko.

The legal side of rent – the most responsible. To sign a better contract with the owner. If more than one, will have to obtain a signature at all. Also, the contract must be marked all monthly payments, including payment of the Concierge, security, etc. Ask whether counters. Make sure that the apartment is “hanging” debt – ask to see recent pay stubs. If you are not satisfied with something in the contract, feel free to suggest your own version. Not ready to delve into the legal intricacies by yourself, hire a realtor.

“Of course, the realtor assumes the formation of the text of the Treaty that you as a consumer who leases or rents an apartment – sure protects. The realtor clearly describes everything that is in the apartment including its status,” – said Vice-President of the Russian Guild of realtors Constantine Aprelev.

If the realtor is not offering you anything, except contact with the owner, his services can and should be abandoned. And save significantly – as a rule, from half to 100% of the rental rate for the month. There are special sites, where for a small fee you can get access to the database only ad from the owners. The easiest free option is to search by thematic communities or through friends in saszetek. By the way, so you can find great deals “for their” when the owners are willing to rent housing is cheaper, but only trusted people.