Odysseus appeared in St. Petersburg metro

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elizabeth Shagalova,


On one of the deepest stations of the Petersburg underground – “Admiralty” – the audience was shown a fragment of the play based on the legendary works of the ancient Greek poet Homer’s “the Odyssey”, reports “WORLD 24”.

Actors armed with musical instruments and played for the surprised passengers with song and dance. For the statement answered the Dutch theatre “Hayes”. The performers admitted that playing in the subway before they did not have.

“This site was very helpful. She gave the show an extra sense. The ride can be compared to the journey of Odysseus, his return to Ithaca to his beloved Penelope. Similarly, every day, millions of men returned to their women after work,” says Dutch actor albert Klein Kranenburg.

Full version performances of the dancers will perform Saturday at the opening of the Theatre Olympics. On its stage will see more than 30 productions from 15 countries.