Of commercial streets, pedestrian envisaged in Quebec

Des artères commerciales piétonnières envisagées à Québec

Walkers could take advantage of the commercial streets completely pedestrian in Quebec city, this summer. The folder is in the study.

The mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume, and waiting to discuss with the business development corporations of the city before giving a complete plan.

It does not intend to imitate the City of Montreal, which has on its side located in the corridors and sanitary and avoid walking on certain streets commercial.

He gave the example of the Cartier street. “The sidewalks are wide enough on Cartier. Create corridors, it would not change much.”

“With the nice weather, when there will be more of the world, our idea, is to close the street so that there is still room for more.”

Mr. Labeaume has not given details on the streets that will experience this transformation, but he pointed out that this could be accomplished on the weekends.

“We, we are willing to go very far in there. It depends on how far are willing to go the merchant associations. It could close it all summer, if they want to. It is up to them to choose.”

Labeaume responds to criticism

In addition, the mayor has responded to the criticisms that have been made, including by the spokesperson of the business development corporations, on the heaviness of the programme of assistance to the traders. The traders were protesting against, among others, in our pages, the requirement to provide financial statements prepared by a chartered accountant.

The mayor believes that the criticisms are unjustified and he was pestered against the fact that a merchant has chosen to express himself under the cover of anonymity. “We got the first cheque about 10 days after. I don’t know how one can complain. ”

“It is saprément effective,” he pleaded. “Stop searching problems.”

“It is already very flexible. It’s two pages, it goes very quickly. We will not give public money on a report [financial] and the accounting is made by the brother-in-law, that’s guaranteed.”

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