Of elective surgeries resumed

Other evidence that the directives of Quebec are not always applied in the institutions : elective surgeries have resumed in a hospital of the metropolitan region, despite the instruction to the contrary by the minister of Health.

A series of transactions, in particular for the case of carpal tunnel, is on the schedule this week, says a doctor who requested anonymity.

“According to me, it is not something that would be urgent or semi-urgent,” he says.

However, the Montreal region is hard hit by the epidemic of COVID-19 and the government Legault called the specialists in reinforcement in the region.

“The prime minister asks us to go lend a hand in NURSING homes, to do the bare minimum in hospitals. Yet, there it is in operations that are very, very elective “, he adds. In addition to the physicians involved, these operations to mobilize personnel, including nurses.

Mixed Message

This resumption of elective surgeries totally out of place with the speech held by the minister of Health yesterday.

Danielle McCann, assured in press conference that the elective surgeries ” have not resumed, and […] will not resume at this time “.

“What we’re trying to do, that is to say : we take the less urgent cases to the hospitals, we plotted, and then to request that staff there – nurses, attendants and doctors – to come and give a helping hand in NURSING homes because it is here that the national emergency, this is where we had 850 of 1041 deaths,” added the prime minister François Legault to its sides.

surgeries priority

As to the operations of urgent and semi-urgent, they resume gradually, after that Québec has let go of many interventions for a month in order to free beds to the intensive care unit for patients with the COVID-19.

In fact, the ministry of Health intends to allow about 50 % of the activities surgical urgent and non-urgent, according to what has been revealed in an internal communication at the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec (FMSQ).

But the postponement of surgical practices has led to “serious complications, sometimes leading to death,” according to the president of the Association of cardiologists of Quebec.

In a letter addressed to the president of the FMSQ, Arsène J. Basmadjian enumerates thirty cases where the delays or the fear of the virus have led to complications.

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