Of foreign-trained doctors want to be involved

They are trained in health, their diplomas are recognized here, they speak French and are willing to work, but foreign-trained doctors must have to settle for delivering pizzas and driving taxis while the needs of staff in NURSING homes are substantial.

A group of foreign-trained doctors lamented being left out by the government, thousands of employees of the health network must be absent since they are infected by the COVID-19, or fear they may be.

“I think that the government does not know that it is there. I think they are not aware that there is this potential and that they can use to help with their problems in the health system,” says a spokesperson of this group and a paediatrician by training, Amir Besharati.

Himself, and not less than 58 doctors of iranian origin, that he knows personally and who have obtained an equivalent degree in Quebec, say they want to lend a hand in NURSING homes, without having to wait.

At the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19, they were waiting to get an interview in order to be employed in the healthcare network. The small group is formed after having heard the call to the “sense of duty” of doctors, launched by the prime minister François Legault.

“We are ready, we are already educated outside of Quebec, we already have a lot of experience”, hammered Amir Besharati.

Despite a letter sent the same day to the prime minister Legault; the minister of Health, Danielle McCann; the national director of Quebec public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda; and several other stakeholders, to offer assistance in NURSING homes, they are still without answer.

In the urgency of the situation, Amir Besharati claims to have contacted him-even NURSING homes to offer assistance, but has encountered bureaucratic burden. He also said he will be manifested through the site I contribute to, but has not yet received a response.

In the meantime, many of these foreign-trained doctors working in secondary positions in the health network, such as Amir Beshrati, who is a research assistant in a group family medicine. Other work, however, in professions that have nothing to do with health, such as deliverymen of pizza, or taxi driver, said the latter.

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