Of heavy fines demanded for entrepreneurs recalcitrant

Construction workers are demanding that the police will ensure compliance of the instruction of social distancing of the two meters on the building and that the contractors recalcitrant receive heavy fines.

The residential construction sector should restart next week, to avoid that citizens in anticipation of a new construction are not to be found at the street.

Good news, according to the unions representing the workers, which are, however, deeply concerned by the respect of the directives of public health on construction sites.

“Severe consequences “

“It is necessary that there be severe consequences for the dissenters, argued the president of the provincial Council (International), Michel Trépanier. It is necessary to ensure that the contractors understand the message that they will not pass law on health. “

His counterpart at the QFL-Construction does not believe that the inspectors in health and safety at work are sufficiently numerous to ensure that the instructions will be enforced to the letter everywhere in Quebec.

“Maybe they could give us the police to help us enforce it vis-à-vis contractors, recalcitrant, be it a fine, that this is the judgment of the building, but I think it’s going to take clear measures,” insists the director-general, Eric Boisjoly.

According to the boss of Inter, Québec has not right to the error in his exercise of déconfinement gradual. “If the construction industry in the residential sector is not able to comply, and we propagate the virus, we will be forced to return to break,” says Mr. Trépanier.

François Bernier, the Association of professional construction and housing of Quebec (APCHQ), has assured that “we will do everything possible” to ensure that the rule of two meters of social distancing is respected on the construction sites.

That said, ” it must not fall into the ridiculous, not more. Two persons can cross each other in a staircase and they do not die. It is as if we cross paths in a grocery store “, he added.

A puzzle

Concerned with work–family, the trade unions would have wished that the workers of the construction industry have access to care emergency.

As early as next week, “tens of thousands” of workers will be back on the building. For many, it will be a puzzle given the closure of schools and child care provided until 4 may.

The cabinet of the minister of the Family, it is stated that the workers of other industries remained open during the crisis do not have right to keep their children.

— With the collaboration of Patrick Bellerose and Taïeb Moalla

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