Of quarterback of the Alouettes… to police!

De quart-arrière des Alouettes... à policier!

The former quarterback Brandon Bridge has decided to reorient his career in a special way in a context that is equally important: it is located at the police academy of the region of Peel, in Ontario, in order to work within the forces of the order.

Cut by the Toronto Argonauts last year, the black athlete of 28 years has borrowed an avenue of the risky, who has made two trips to the Montreal Alouettes. Yet, he had managed to make its way up to the canadian football League (CFL), in addition to being invited to the mini-camp of the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL – after the “combines” of 2015. However, the message of the whole of the LCF against him seemed clear.

“The teams said: “we already have our quarters that we call if an injury occurs,” or “you will be helping our proportion of players, so there is no advantage for us to hire a pivot national”. I held a canadian passport and I was treated differently. I am not in agreement with the policies of this. I wasn’t going to leave a league that does not respect its quarters canadians to dictate the course of my life,” said Bridge to the specialized site 3DownNation. “I didn’t think the retirement [of the sport]. Football was my job. At my age, if the work earns you more, you find another.”

It is as well that Ontario has tried his luck with the police of Peel, where he had many friends. A friend who was studying there, had been invited to play for the basketball team of the local service in Mississauga. He became well known in this place and he has been regularly invited to charity events.

“Superintendent Sean McKenna, a veteran of 30 years of service, I have always supported. He directed me in the minor football and was a mentor to me. I told him that I could make this work. In my life after football, I didn’t want to sit in front of a desk. I wanted to be in the community, help the public. Mr. McKenna has issued good comments on my topic, but I was told to enjoy the football while it lasted,” explained Bridge.

The case George Floyd

Of course, the ex-quarterback is in a situation a little malaisante in this era where people from minority backgrounds are demonstrating against the police brutality and racism. The death of George Floyd has raised the ire of many in the world, and Bridge is not remained insensitive. It has, first and foremost, the intention to act with the sense of justice.

“They asked me if I had problems to become a black policeman at this moment in history. What happened to George Floyd is nothing new for the black community. But if you don’t market a mile in our shoes… it may be. Our societies have been built, to the disadvantage of minority populations, and the world, once again, deploys his frustration and anger with force, he stressed. The shield is tarnished. When people call the police, it is that they have exhausted all their options. When officers arrived, the person in front of them saw possibly the worst day of his life. Their work is to settle this, and not to cause even more trouble.”

“So, you ask me if I have chosen my camp? I will say that I rest alongside my brothers and sisters black. They are the one that I support. The law and order? Well, the letter of the law implies the black community. If this principle is adequately protected, it should fit well for everyone, regardless of race, gender or opinions to be defended. If there is no justice, there is no peace. This is my camp,” he added, promising to represent a good example for his community.

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