Of Quebec in the footsteps of Che

Des Québécois sur les traces du Che

In the fall of 2017, the filmmakers Jules Falardeau and Jean-Philippe Nadeau Marcoux travelled to Bolivia to film the celebrations surrounding the 50e anniversary of the death of Che Guevara. But once rendered on the spot, the two accomplices in quebec have changed their tune and have decided, instead, to focus on the memory of Che in this country that saw him die.

The fruit of their labour can be found in the documentary film” Newspaper of Bolivia, who will be appearing this Friday in Montreal and Quebec city. For this film, Jules Falardeau (the son of the late filmmaker Pierre Falardeau) and Jean-Philippe Nadeau Marcoux in particular have followed a band of former “guévaristes” that have made the Road of the Che, a pilgrimage on foot in the mountains of bolivia, to understand “the essence” of the famous revolutionary. The two Quebecers have also given the word to young muralists bolivians who use their art to pay homage to Che.

“These muralists have 25 or 30 years and they have not known the time of Che, but they also have an immense respect for him, emphasizes Jules Falardeau. There is among the people you have met in Bolivia a great desire of transmission of the memory of Che. This is what we wanted to show in the film. “


Born in 1928 in Argentina, Ernesto ” Che ” Guevara is still today a mythical figure of the revolutionary combat in Latin America. Best known for having been one of the leaders of the cuban revolution alongside Fidel Castro in the 1950s, he was captured on 9 October 1967, in Bolivia, by the bolivian army. He was executed the next day.

Jules Falardeau said to have been struck by the fascination with Che in Bolivia by going there, give courses of cinema in 2014.

“I had already noted at the time, the omni-presence of the Che and the kind of feeling of shame that some people in Bolivia, says Falardeau, who also works as a developer for the platform Tabloid. Even if they are not directly responsible, there are people in Bolivia who have the feeling that it is death by their fault, because they have not been up to collectively. “

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