Of Rosa Parks?

Des Rosa Parks?

Throughout the weekend, the american media showed protesters opposed to the measures of confinement in many u.s. States.

We all know how the current situation may be difficult and the economic consequences will be brutal. Even if the u.s. government distributes financial aid is unprecedented, this is unsustainable in the long term and it may be necessary to proceed to the déconfinement. When and how will do it? Regardless of the time, it will be a bet more or less risky according to the information available to us.

LISTEN to the chronicle of american policy Luc Laliberté at QUB radio:

We repeat regularly, with supporting evidence, that the COVID-19 is a new virus we don’t yet understand fully the operation and, especially, the effects. It happens rarely a day without that there will be new effects in the medium or long term. One advance that even to be reached a first time, not we would immunize not.

All that to say that I understand some of what can motivate people to demand that their governor(e) relax the rules of containment. In addition, the situation varies enormously from one State to another and, even within a State, from one region to the other.

Concerns legitimate blend sometimes through dangerous some of our neighbors. Many have an aversion to all forms of State intervention and they do not hesitate to apply this vision in their fight to counter the spread of the COVID-19. Sometimes, this rejection of government controls is a dual rejection of several forms of authority, including scientific authority.

Among the very many statements reported Saturday and Sunday, I noted that of the author, and commentator Stephen Moore. Moore has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, the National Review and some other publications are more conservative. On the outskirts of the directors Trump, he does not hesitate to share its economic expertise with the entourage of the president, particularly on the question of the revival.

I have googly eyes in the end of the week when Moore said that protesters were to be the Rosa Parks of the déconfinement and that it was the right time to practice civil disobedience. After the tweet the president encouraged the citizens of some States democrats to release their State, Moore was pushing the propaganda presidential up to evoke the struggle of a historical figure for recognition of the civil rights of Blacks.

Yes, the approach of leaders such as Martin Luther King was inspired by the writings of Henry David Thoreau. Yes, it was asserted that it was legitimate to oppose a law if it is unjust or immoral. But do I really need to emphasize what it took King and the other? Is it really sensible to compare a fight that has its origins in the practice for too long tolerated slavery, which led to racial segregation in the Southern States, to those against the attempt of the government to protect the population?

The governors of the States are struggling to protect their population and they are predominantly based on the best available data. They do it according to the measures proposed by the public health authorities to protect their citizens while allowing the health system to withstand a real onslaught. The scientific knowledge and the measures are not infallible, but they have demonstrated their usefulness and their effectiveness.

What Moore and the protesters want, what is neither more nor less than the freedom to decide on a personal basis exposure to the virus or not. The quick return to the work justifies the risk of his life. I could limit me to espouse this position if their choice does not imply that their little person. While one seeks to limit the damage and that it wants to establish the best time for the resumption of activities, the protesters are acting irresponsibly.

More worrying in my eyes as their slogans, and more offensive than this ridiculous comparison to the approach of Rosa Parks, there is also a mixture of genres in their claims. By scrolling down to the seat of the government of each of the states, protesters also evoke the protection of their second amendment. I don’t believe that to be the only one to lament that, in a particularly tense, mingle epidemic, events and weapons is a cocktail that is not so reassuring.

You may have seen these pictures, two nurses from Denver who are also descended into the street, but to block the protesters. As the entire medical staff, they risk their lives and health to protect the lives of their fellow citizens and they consider the protests are counter-productive. For impressive it is, their gesture demonstrates to what point the population is divided and that the social climate is tense.

When Stephen Moore compares the action of the protesters, and his own civil disobedience practiced by Parks and King of another time, it fails to specify that this disobedience is duplicated in another pane: a peaceful action.

I can only hope that these events do not escalate. The situation is already difficult and unstable. I find a little comfort in a poll unveiled yesterday that pointed out that they are only 36% to support the management of the crisis to the administration Trump. It is necessary to consolidate and unite as quickly as possible. Will we be able to do?

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