Of technological innovations projected on the front of the stage

Des innovations technologiques projetées à l’avant-scène

The prime minister François Legault has encouraged all canadians to buy locally and online to counter the impacts of the COVID-19. In this column, which will be published all the time that the crisis will last, we propose to identify firms near you that could help you get through this period out of the ordinary.

The electric bike quebec

Many companies have been negatively affected by the pandemic of the sars coronavirus and containment measures.

Others, on the contrary, as an E2-Sport, have seen their sales climb.

The company specializes in the means of individual travel power, such as bikes, electric bikes and scooters.

An essential service

The bike is now considered as an essential service to New York, Philadelphia, and Ontario. Increasingly, the situation provides an impetus to the sale of electric bicycles.

The bike will be more considered as a means of collective transport essential.

In the specialist quebec electric bike E2-Sport, the blur present on the norms of the government force the company to turn to its transactional web site www.e2-sport.com.

A gesture for the guardian angels

The company offers the largest selection of electric bicycles in Québec. Laurent-Philippe Beaudoin, one of the founders, announced today that up to 50 electric bicycles will soon be put at the disposal of our guardian angels, those workers in the health sector, including attendants, nurses, doctors and first-responders.

The idea is to thank them for their efforts and to facilitate movement thereof. In addition, the mobile workshop E2-Sport will move to the home or work of the angels in the greater Montreal area to make the delivery of their bikes.

► www.e2-sport.ca/fc/

 Gift ideas with products from quebec

The site Gift Idea Quebec exists since more than 10 years. It is the promotion of the online shops of Quebec through the purchase local. Given that the majority of Quebec is confined to the inside, there is no need to go out to make purchases. On this site, many merchants offer products manufactured in all regions of Quebec.

► ideecadeauquebec.com

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