Of the dead of the viruses stacked in a retirement home in New Jersey

Des morts du virus empilés dans une maison de retraite du New Jersey

Up to 17 people dead stacked in a morgue improvised: it’s a new tragedy related to the pandemic that appeared this week in a retirement home in New Jersey, pushing the governor of this State to demand accountability.

The police of the small town of Andover, a hundred kilometers west of New York, was not immediately confirmed these figures.

But according to the New York Times, she discovered Monday, after an anonymous complaint, 17 bodies piled in the small morgue of the prison, the Andover Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation Unit, one of the largest residences for the elderly of this State.

These 17 deaths are part of the 68 deaths recent surveyed in this establishment. On these 68 deaths, 26 had been tested positive for the coronavirus, according to the newspaper.

“The staff was clearly overwhelmed, and probably in insufficient numbers,” said Eric Danielson, chief of the local police, to CNN.

“My heart is broken in the face of tragic information relating to dead individuals in the outbreak of coronavirus at Andover Subacute and Rehabilitation Center,” responded Phil Murphy, governor of New Jersey, on Twitter. “I am shocked that it has authorized the stacking of bodies in a morgue improvised “.

“I asked the prosecutor of New Jersey to review the case and review the establishments of long-term care in New Jersey who have recorded a disproportionate number of deaths since the beginning of the epidemic,” he added.

This drama, in the u.s. State with the greatest number of deaths from the coronavirus after New York, illustrates the dramatic situation in some retirement homes in the face of an epidemic that hits especially the elderly.

Staff problems

In a statement posted online on Thursday, on the page Facebook of the police, of Andover, one of the co-owners of the establishment, Chaim Scheinbaum, argues that “problems of delays and hours of night during the weekend had contributed to the presence of more dead than usual” in the morgue of the facility.

It has, however, denied that there had been 17 bodies, ensuring that at no time Monday, the morgue, which may contain up to 12 bodies, had counted ” more than 15 “.

He has also found staffing problems, indicating to have received on April 8, a list of recruits possible, and have then started to contact them.

He also said they had now found ” a personal sound “, including 12 nurses for 420 residents.

Mr. Scheinbaum has not said how many people the facility had tested positive for the virus, but according to the New York Times, 76 residents have tested positive, and 41 members of staff are ill from the virus.

In New York such as in New Jersey, the authorities promised accurate data on the situation of nursing homes.

According to NBC, citing the health departments of different States in the u.s., the epidemic had killed Wednesday 5670 people in retirement homes, nearly 30 000 deaths in total in the United States.

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