Of the federal payments is too much for some providers

Des paiements fédéraux en trop pour certains prestataires

Millions of new unemployed people have already received their delivery of federal emergencies, but Ottawa admits to having paid too much money to some, and confusing for those who will have to pay it off.

“Despite the remarkable efforts of the government to ensure that everyone has a sub, they eventually transform into the tooth fairy “, has dropped Estelle Landry, director of trade of the North-Shore of Montreal.

Estelle Landry, director of trade of the North-Shore of Montréal, was surprised to receive so much money in his bank account when she had requested that the employment insurance system.

Like thousands of other Quebecers, Estelle Landry has lost his job in mid-march and then asked for the employment insurance system to get out heads out of the water.

However, two days ago, she has not only received its 1500 $ of unemployment, but a $ 2000 plus Delivery canadian emergency (PCU) the following night, without even having sought, like his colleagues.

“I advised all of my employees, and my whole gang, and I said to them : “Do not touch any of the two amounts. Put it to one side. It will be necessary to repay these are here. This is not a gift “, she continued, surprised to see the money appear in his account as if by magic.

Wednesday, other new unemployed, as Youcef Louardiane or Roxanne Girard-Potvin, have entrusted their side have completed the application in duplicate, to the employment insurance and the PCU, and also expect to have to pay it off.

“I was afraid of being caught in the meshes of the system, so I made the second request for the service to canada last Monday,” said Ms. Girard-Potvin.


Ottawa recognizes his error

Asked about it Wednesday, a spokesman for Employment minister, Carla Qualtrough, has admitted to the Newspaper the shortcomings of the system put in place at any speed.

“We recognize that there have been reports where people have received more than one payment. Our main objective has always been to put money in the pockets of Canadians who need it during this difficult time, and to do so in a timely manner and with precision “, has defended this door-to-speech.

She also insisted that the ministry will ensure that Canadians are eligible for the program will not receive more than $ 8000 per planned in four months.

The national Council of the unemployed and unemployed women (CNC), we refused to throw the stone in Ottawa who is dealing with a stream of unimaginable applications of all kinds in the midst of a crisis.

“They are completely overwhelmed, and it is clear. If one wants to be objective, we can say that at least the machine to Revenue Canada works, ” emphasized the spokesperson Pierre Céré.

With the collaboration of Émilie Bergeron, Pierre-Olivier Zappa, and Guillaume St-Pierre

More than 4.75 million people in the country have claimed the Benefit of canadian emergency since mid-march.

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