Of the major books on business 2019

The most popular non-fxnal were books about management and technology.

Головні книги про бізнес 2019 року

After a series of holidays to recharge your motivation and ideas, reading the correct literature. Business Insider has published a list of the most interesting and informative economic books 2019. Among them you can find research about how we should carry out the meeting, the biography of Apple CEO Tim cook, tips for reducing your time online, criticism of the leadership of Facebook by one of the closest collaborators of Mark Zuckerberg, informs Rus.Media.

On 2 January he published a book of Stephen Rogelberg called “Amazing art”. The author is a Professor at the University of North Carolina and consultant to IBM and Procter&Gamble. His book, the Professor devoted to the effective conduct of meetings. He believed that most firms hold their meetings completely wrong. The scientist advises to arrange meetings with colleagues in the fresh air and to discuss the business issues during walks.

And on 9 January there was a book on how not to get “stuck in your career”. Author – gene Keyes, the former chief Executive of AOL, who was the first woman to lead the National geographic society. In his book “Be fearless,” she identifies five key principles of success: courage to take risks, benefit from failures, to be circumspect, to look beyond their comfort zone and to correctly set priorities. The book is interesting because it has lots of examples of legendary innovators from Henry Ford to Jeff Bezos.

“The paradox of prosperity” – following the list of recommended books. It was written by three authors, including Clayton Christensen. This book is the product of labor of one of the world’s leading managers, professors at Harvard business school. The author explores how innovation can lead to social and economic changes. A few decades ago Christensen was a missionary in South Korea, a country which, according to him, is a shining example of economic fractures. In the book he explains how other States can achieve the same progress. The author is convinced that such a breakthrough is possible only under condition of a combination of three types of innovation, namely the development of efficiency, support and create markets.

The last recommended book was “Banned” (Zucked) Roger Magnum. The whole affair is that the author, although he was an early investor in Facebook, and even mentor your co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in his book, he’s in the nines criticized Facebook. Magnum explains how Facebook is destroying the modern world and convinces readers that the company needs to be stopped. His insights and suggestions are based primarily on the recent Facebook scandals, including the scandal of the Cambridge Analityca.