Of the many layoffs in the Mauricie region

De nombreux licenciements en Mauricie

THREE-RIVERS – On starts to save after-effects to the economy of the health crisis in the Mauricie region, while two major employers have to make dismissals final.

The manufacturer of furniture Canadel Louiseville has just officially notify 50 of its employees that they will not be able to be back at work, now or later. Some of them had up to 25 years of seniority.

The business started to resume in the piece, but it is estimated that there is no chance, in the short or medium term, that they will come back at the level where they were before the pandemic.

“Today, there is nothing that indicates to us that at 100%, with the uncertainty that we know, that we will be able to remember these people. What we did is that we put at the foot permanently a portion of the employees”, said Thursday, André Giguère, director-general of Canadel, in an interview with TVA News.

Of the 600 total employees in the manufacturing, 275 are back in this time.

The Group Bellemare in Trois-Rivières, which is particularly active in the road transport non-standard, should resolve to lay off 25 members of its staff; administrative assistants, trainers, drivers, and receptionist, since no visitor is allowed on the premises of the company.

“We knew that there would be a slow recovery and, because of this slow recovery, there are positions that are eliminated to reduce the mass, cost and expenditure,” said Jean-Luc Bellemare, president of the Group Bellemare.

Some 150 other members of his staff are waiting to be recalled. The Group Bellemare had had to put all its operations on a break the worst of the crisis.

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