In the Ukrainian Navy enlisted search and rescue vessel, transferred to the sailors by the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine.

It is reported by Ukrainian Military Pages.

“By order of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine from October 18, 2019 No. 539 the composition of the Naval Forces of VS of Ukraine enlisted search and rescue ship “Alexander Okhrimenko” project 2262, Zavodskoy No. В211, 1987. buildings. The delivery of the vessel was carried out by a Commission headed by the commander of the Ukrainian Navy, who was appointed by order MOU from 29.08.2019 No. 485″, – stated in the message.

A versatile vessel for its intended purpose, equipment and existing technical capabilities of the Ukrainian Navy to replace several support vessels.

The vessel is equipped with search radar, rescue tools, single drum automatic towing winch, electro-hydraulic crane with a lifting capacity of 8 tons with a reach of 15 meters, pressure chamber, a mobile diving station and other diving equipment. The ship has large capacity for fresh water and fuel. In addition, “Alexander Okhrimenko” has equipment to collect oil from the surface of the water and the carriages to extinguish the fire.

According to the chief of search and rescue service of management of operational (combat) support Command headquarters of the naval forces of Ukraine captain 1 rank Alexei Nesterov, in accordance with the special tactical characteristics and capabilities of the rescue ship “Alexander Okhrimenko” may be involved in search and rescue, diving, hydrographic, scientific research and other special work, including mine action support.

Technical characteristics of the vessel

Vodotoranj – 1258 tons (empty) 2258 tons (full)

Length 61 meters

Width – 14 meters

Draught – 3.7 m (empty), 4,5 (full)

Board height – 6 meters

Power plant – diesel, Wartsila 8R22HFD (2 x 1300 kW)

Diesel-generator – TAD 121CHC Volvo Penta3X238 kW

Range – 5800 miles

Speed – 12 knots (6 knots economic speed)

Autonomy – up to 30 days

The crew – 26 people maximum (number of places in cabins) – 37

The ship is built at the Singapore shipyard Keppel Fels. Launched in November 1987. At that time it was the most modern rescue tug in the USSR, able to operate in the open ocean. The ship was called “Svetlomor-4” and was the last of four of this type.

In 1992, enlisted in the expeditionary detachment of rescue and underwater technical works of the black sea shipping company. In 2012 he received the name “Alexander Okhrimenko” and moved into the Russian Marine emergency rescue service (MARS). Later the ship was put at the disposal of the administration of seaports of Ukraine.