Of the property of the state disappeared 700 thousand hectares of farmland

Из собственности государства исчезло 700 тыс. га сельхозземель

From the state-owned for 20 years disappeared 600-700 thousand hectares of agricultural land.

Such assessments during a presentation the use of satellite data and artificial intelligence to fight against the shadow market of the earth was shared by the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Tymofiy mylovanov.

“We are now completing an inventory of agricultural land and I can say that in 20 years of state ownership have disappeared to 700 thousand hectares of land. In Israel there are about 300 thousand hectares of agricultural land. We have lost two of Israel,” — said the Minister.

This means that, despite the moratorium, somehow the land was withdrawn from state ownership.

“If it’s legal — a question for law enforcement agencies,” he adds.

Milovanov also showed developments on the platform GeoportalUA. It’s a service for open data, which by means of space monitoring will help to make the use of land is transparent.

“We can see that where grown from year to year, to have real statistics on land use, the Minister said. — This will give an understanding of what is needed infrastructure: where to build roads, elevators, where required by the railway. Because when half of the products are grown in the shade, it is very difficult to build the right infrastructure.”

Also Milovanov added that according to the Ministry, the shadow turnover of agricultural land in Ukraine is UAH 10 billion.

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