Of the ring at a retirement home

Du ring à une maison de retraite

Due to the temporary closure of the gym of which he is the owner, a former boxer decided to make his war effort by giving his time to a residence for the elderly located in the northern suburbs of Montreal.

Renan St-Juste has received a communication from a friend. It was looking for a person urgently to give a boost to a home for pensioners where several residents are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease during the period of confinement related to the COVID-19.

“I told him that I could send a message on my page Facebook to help it, says St-Juste during a telephone conversation. No one responded to his call. So I decided to volunteer. “

On Sunday, he pointed to his new place of work. On Wednesday, he was on his third quarter of work.

“My main function is to prevent some residents who are a little more sick to leave their rooms,” he says. When they leave, I have to take her home as a precautionary measure.

“I’m sure that the staff brings them their food. This is necessary because some patients forget to request it or they do not remember that they have not eaten. ”


During her shifts, St-Just love talking with the residents. He takes the time to listen to them.

“Given that they did not visit, they do not have large-thing to do,” he stressed. For example, Monday, I made a crossword puzzle with one of them.

“In my daily life, I work a lot with young people. The patients, in the age that they are rendered, are such as young people. There is a way to talk to them to make them understand the message. “

In the space of a few days, the former pugilist is already able to create links with several people of the place. It is for this reason that we asked him to come back every day.

“The officers congratulated me for the way I speak to the residents. I’m not really not in it for the money. I am available and I know that I bring something positive to these people. “

His gym break

Like all the other owners of the gym, St-Juste has been forced to close the doors of his, the boxing Club 35, because of the pandemic of the COVID-19, which is installed in Québec.

A break that will hurt its budget.

“I have made the request to obtain the provision of canadian emergency, says about the company he founded in 2006. My gym is very large and the $ 2,000 will not even cover half of my rent.

“For other government programs that could give me a boost, my accountant is in the process of watching them. I don’t know yet what I might have been right. We’ll have to sit down with the owner of our building to know what you are doing with the money that is owed during this pause.

“Anyway, even if the gyms were still open, there would not be many people who fréquenteraient. I’m not worried for the following things. We are going to get out of it. “

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