Of the street for pedestrians longer

Des rues pour les piétons plus longtemps

The traders of the rue Saint-Jean, in its segment of the Vieux-Québec, lobbying of the City so that their artery is reserved exclusively for pedestrians at lunchtime and in the afternoons during the week.

Already, this stretch is transformed into a pedestrian path on the weekends and weekday evenings. Except that the traders want more of this, seeing a way to extend their offer of a terrace and, thus, mitigate the damages caused by the crisis of the Covid-19.

“With the pandemic, it is outside that people want to be. […] It is outside it’s happening, ” says the director of the Pub Saint-Alexandre, Jean-François Barré.

“We want to do also to enable us to replenish our coffers for the short summer season that we have to face our financial obligations, including our municipal taxes “, adds the manager.

Large majority

The members of the SDC du Vieux-Quebec would be likely to share this opinion : a survey conducted by the grouping would have noted that 80 % of members are in favour of such a change, argues its director general, Jacques-André Pérusse.

The City of Quebec, which announced the piétonnisation point of the artery to the mid-may, do share, however, not this enthusiasm. The application of the SDC du Vieux-Québec would have suffered a rebuff long “a line” where a representative of the City considered “that it was unthinkable and that the RTC does not want to,” says Mr. Perusse.

“Even traders who are not in the closed section are in favor. For me, this is democracy. The evidence is there, ” clamp-t-it.

not only

Other SDC of Quebec would have followed suit to make a request similar to their artery, according to the leader of the grouping of Old Quebec.

“The ball is in the camp of the City “, dropped Jacques-André Perusse, ensuring that the talks will continue this week.

If the experiment were to go forward, it could serve as a laboratory for the City to extend the offer of pedestrian street of the year, believes Mr. Perusse. “It could go further than that and I am the first to want it “, glisse-t-il.

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